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Prolactin and combining BF and FF at night

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MrsHD Wed 14-Jan-09 18:53:57


DS (15 days) sometimes gets formula in the night. This is always after and sometimes before a BF as well - it's an addition on his extra hungry nights when he gets too tired to feed properly and too hungry to sleep properly.

So my q is, if he's getting the 'normal' amount of breastmilk and then formula on top, in theory my milk levels should remain unaffected by the formula top up, shouldn't they? The prolactin's getting its prompts at night as I'm feeding the usual amount, and it's not that my milk dries up so he can't feed, it just doesn't satisfy him sometimes. I often check when he pulls off and there's always more milk still available if I squeeze.

Just to say, very gently, that FF at night has been a godsend some nights and I don't see us removing it as an option. We use a syringe rather than a bottle and teat and it hasn't affected DS' BF style, which has always been excellent.

AccidentalMum Wed 14-Jan-09 19:01:39

Is DS settled on the breast when feeding at night? It is particularly important to feed at night to maintain milk supply, so I would have thought that your supply will be less than if you were following an entirely infant led path.

How are you feeding him at night? I mean, what position? Could he be windy rather than unsatisfied is what I mean.

How much formula does LO take? Is it every night? Does it settle him straight away? I would be concerned that at a time when feeding may be moving gently towards more in the day and less at night, you and baby are going in the opposite direction. It may be worth trying without the formula purely for that reason?

AccidentalMum Wed 14-Jan-09 19:15:08

MrsHD Wed 14-Jan-09 21:19:15

I don't feel good about the formula but there are times... throwing in the towel tonight and deliberately co-sleeping from the off to see if I get more rest that way. Would rather share the bed with my husband but it's either/or really!

madmouse Wed 14-Jan-09 21:26:20

I would be concerned that he still gets the same amount of bm, but he is not telling your body that he needs more, so you are not keeping up with his growing needs.

these hungry nights are exhausting, but they serve a purpose. You will make enough milk for him, no need for formula.

And yes, there will always be milk there when you squeeze, as they are never empty however much he drinks.

I am genuinly curious what makes you post this message, as you make it very clear (and you are fully entitled to this opinion) that removing ff is not an option.

naughtymummy Wed 14-Jan-09 21:33:21

Can you tell us a little bit more about whats happening in the night ? 15 days seems very young to be giving formula if you want to continue to breast feed, I would think the supply/demand thing was just getting sorted out. If you want to ff then of corse its a different story.From what I understand your milk supply will be less affected if you substitute 1 feed for formula rather than "topping up". Perhaps the 11pm one ? Although as I say it seems a bit young.. good luck not easy I know

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