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Looking for disposable gel breast pads..... any ideas....

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hkz Mon 12-Jan-09 15:39:03

Does anyone know where I can find disposable breastpads that are made of a soothing gel and just stick over your nipple?
I was living abroad last time I breast fed and bought them, they were a life saver for my cracked nipples. I want to stock up as DC2 is due this week, but can't find them in Boots, Mothercare etc... I can't remember the brand or the name....
Any ideas?

BouncingTurtle Mon 12-Jan-09 17:04:30

Oh criket i was given some... I'll see if i've got the box still and come back to you. My ds is currently asleep on me so can't move atm!

givethedogAhomebirth Mon 12-Jan-09 17:07:12

Message withdrawn

EldonAve Mon 12-Jan-09 17:08:35

can't recall the name but waitrose stock them

EldonAve Mon 12-Jan-09 17:09:21

Bio-fem instant relief compress

givethedogAhomebirth Mon 12-Jan-09 17:09:28

Message withdrawn

Picante Mon 12-Jan-09 17:13:43

Is it mother mates? I used these - I think I got some from ebay they are quite hard to come by.

BouncingTurtle Mon 12-Jan-09 17:25:50

I've found it... the one I had was called Coolie. But the website referred to on that page doesn't work. I have a feeling it was my BFC who gave them to me.
Try your local pharmacy - they may do them.
There are these not disposable but reusable and you can use them hot or cold.

Try your local pharmacy - they may do them.

hkz Mon 12-Jan-09 17:26:42

Yep, they were similar to the mother mates and bio-fem ones... they had hydrogel in them I think... am searching the web, but can't find them in stock anywhere (apart from on e-bay but would have to import from US!)

Givethedog- Will try out the reuseable ones, they look good, have you tried them before?

BouncingTurtle Mon 12-Jan-09 17:26:44

Actually no, I think it was a MW who gave them to me, it says available on presciption on the box so would definitely try a pharmacy.

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