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How many bf's at 9 months

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toreen Fri 09-Jan-09 16:21:43

My ds (9 mo) is having 3-4 bfs a day and 3 meals. He was exclusively bf to 6 months.

He eats at these approx times...
7am bf
8ish breakfast
11 bf
12 lunch
2.30/3 bf
5pm tea
6.30 bf

We don't always do the 11am bf but I'm thinking of making it a daily thing.

Would be interested to hear if others think this is ok/too much solids?

Sorry if this has been done before, but couldn't find it on search...

scorpio1 Fri 09-Jan-09 16:26:04

sounds exactly like mt dd, who is 8 months

scorpio1 Fri 09-Jan-09 16:26:14

my dd

laraeo Fri 09-Jan-09 19:16:56

That's my schedule for DS 10 months.

toreen Fri 09-Jan-09 19:48:48

Thanks for your messages. I only asked because my sister asked how many bfs he was having and when I said 3-4 she said "Is that all?". Hadn't even really thought about it up to then.

peachsmuggler Fri 09-Jan-09 20:38:30

Pretty much ours too and DD is 10 months. Sounds fine!

thisisyesterday Fri 09-Jan-09 20:41:10

well, mine was feeding 2 hourly day and night at that age, so envy you lol

they're all different though, just go with the flow I say

fadingfast Fri 09-Jan-09 20:58:01

My DD is nearly 9mo and recently dropped a feed so is now down to 3 feeds a day. Very similar routine to yours but she no longer has the late morning feed.

Grendle Fri 09-Jan-09 21:04:48

Mine were 8+ per 24hrs at that age. There's quite a lot of variation. Babies that cut down to this sort of level at such a young age do seem to wean earlier (though not always), so if you want to keep going into toddlerhood you might want to think about offering the breast more often.

toreen Sat 10-Jan-09 08:03:25

Grendle - do you mean that the babies tend to self-wean from the breast earlier?

DontlookatmeImshy Sat 10-Jan-09 09:20:02

Thats almost identical to ds2 (11months) daytime routine, although he does feed twice in the night too. I'm suprised she said "Is that all?" When i tell people ds2s routine i usually get comments implying it's too much, which naturally I completely ignore

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