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thrush and nipple shields...?

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Ginni Mon 05-Jan-09 15:27:26

My 11 day old baby has oral thrush - I developed mastitis and engorgement pretty much as soon as my milk came in as my scabbed, cracked nipples weren't allowing for any milk to come through. I had to pick the scabs off to express as I was in so much pain. I have since been prescribed an antibiotic, and have purchased a fantastic breast pump, so the engorgement and mastitis are both clearing nicely. However, I developed thrush soon after starting on the antibiotic, and of course my poor daughter did too. I have had a tablet and mine feels as though it is pretty much cleared (the shooting pains have gone, but my nipples are still slightly pink and itchy). My dd has Daktarin gel which we have to swab inside her mouth. Her thrush is clearing but still present.

I have been mix feeding her now but I want to start trying to breast feed again (i've been doing a lot of research on proper latch, watching videos, other women breast feed etc so I feel ready to do it right this time). I would like to know whether nipple shields would stop me picking up thrush from her as i'm keen to try the shields later on today if possible? (BTW I am aware of the pros and cons of nipple shields including reduced milk production etc and that they are only a short term solution and only intend to use them as such).


Ginni Mon 05-Jan-09 15:47:45

bump - anyone? I'm hoping to have a go in an hour or so, advice wanted! Thanks

Ginni Mon 05-Jan-09 15:49:07

sorry, just to clarify, my question is: should I breastfeed my dd wearing nipple shields whilst she still has thrush?

lizzytee Mon 05-Jan-09 17:35:48

Mmmmm, I think this is probably one to discuss with a bfc in real life. Have your nipples healed or do you still have broken skin which would be a convenient point of entry for thrush? It might also be worth discussing whether using antifungal cream rather than shields is an alternative.

Ginni Mon 05-Jan-09 22:31:51

thanks, does anyone else have any advice, I thought other women would have been in a similar predicament at some point???

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