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Oversupply and colic. Advice on how to help this...with twins.

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MerryMarigold Mon 05-Jan-09 14:20:50

Hi. I have 11week old twins. Ds2 has quite bad colic, dd has reflux - it's tiring to say the least! A lady from my postnatal thread who knows a lot about breastfeeding has suggested that their problems may be made worse by my oversupply and overactive letdown. She has similar problems with her baby. She feeds him 3x in a row off the same boob and it has helped. I am not sure how I could make this work with twins. Has anyone had this problem and any advice which worked?

At the moment they each get 1 boob for 24 hours (it's difficult to remember to keep swapping, and also this way I don't have to keep cleaning nipples!) ie. dd on the right for 24 hours, ds2 on the left and then they swap over.

I will also post on breastfeeding thread.

maygirl Mon 05-Jan-09 14:48:37

I don't have experience of this myself, but it sounds like you might have to feed both babies off one side for a few feeds, to reduce the supply in the opposite breast.

Pannacotta Mon 05-Jan-09 14:53:21

Not sure about this problem and twins, but I had overactive let down and found that it helped to express a bit of milk before each feed (into a cup or even a muslin) so that when the feed began DS wasnt getting choked on my milk.
Know this is good info about this on kellymom, will try and find it and link.
Might be worth getting advice from one of the helplines?

Pannacotta Mon 05-Jan-09 14:55:22

Here it is
It also suggestes feeding with the baby in a more upright position, which I'd forgotten, thiw shoudl help too.

MerryMarigold Mon 05-Jan-09 16:13:59

Thanks panna, I do feed in upright. It's a good idea to let some out first. I will set up the hand pump just to pump off a bit first, then don't need to bother with sterilising etc.

Pannacotta Mon 05-Jan-09 18:37:36

I used to hand express, far less faff, is that an option?

theyoungvisiter Mon 05-Jan-09 18:52:31

if you have overactive letdown it can help to just take the baby off when the letdown is at its most forceful and let the excess spray into a muslin.

Out of interest, do you really need to clean your nipples? I ask this out of interest rather than meaning it critically! The reason I ask is because I am tandem feeding a toddler and a newborn and haven't bothered to do this - I would just assume that they are sharing the same germs anyway and that my antibodies will sort it out. Were you advised to do this?

MerryMarigold Wed 07-Jan-09 20:14:39

youngvisiter, it was midwife in hosp said to minimise transfer of germs. shouldn't share bottle teats either even if ebm. but i don' always clean nipples, i have to say wink

good idea to pop the off, sometimes come off of own accord but not always! i always put a muslin under boobs otherwise get soaked

eisbaer Wed 07-Jan-09 20:21:51

I had this problem, and the expressing first and feeding more than once off the one boob worked best. But the best news is that at about twelve weeks the problem just disappeared, so hopefully you won't have it for much longer. Still got plenty milk, just baby seems to be able to handle the "spray" better. Good luck.

oopsacoconut Wed 07-Jan-09 20:26:55


Again I can't help with the 2 baby angle. I used to let DD suck uuntil let down then spray into a muslin until it stopped fountaining across the room.

With regard to pumping I used to put the pump on and pump it once or twice then hold it in the 'suck'(hand squeezed closed) position until the milk stops shooting into the pump then I popped DD on. This stopped her frustration of sucking then being taken off until flow was slower and she could cope. She is now 18 weeks and is coping better with my flow.

shortshafe Wed 07-Jan-09 21:55:07

I did exactly what oopsacoconut said - it got better all by itself at about 14ish weeks, supply settled down and ds coped with the let down better.

Bloody well done BTW - bfing twins must be really hard work - I found just one v difficult!!

MerryMarigold Thu 08-Jan-09 11:01:59

thanks for advice, ladies. pumping and holding is a great idea. save all the wet muslins too. i have 24 and seem to be constantly washing!

at least oversupply means quick feeds which is a blessing with 2. though probably pay for it with indigestion.

thanks for reassurance that improves. ds1 did not have the digestion issues but boobs took 6mths to settle, so was dreading being up all night with colicky babies till then!

Frangipani74 Mon 12-Jan-09 09:19:40

Hi MerryMarigold
How are things going? Situation improving? Here are a couple of links that you might find interesting - will post it on both the threads you've started about oversupply incase you don't check both.

I thought I might give colief or lactase enzymes ago to see if it might remedy the situation.

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