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6mo dd only having 3 bottles.....

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lauraloola Sun 04-Jan-09 21:20:26

Dd is 6.5mo and we started weaning her 3 weeks ago.

She has lunch and tea of veg puree and then fruit puree for pudding.

She now has -

6oz at 8am
Lunch at 12pm
6oz at 2pm
Tea 5pm
6oz 7pm
2oz 9am (If we are lucky)

She will sometimes have juice but not always and it isnt much if she does.

I am worried that she isnt drinking enough. She is eating very well and loves solids hence we moved her onto good meals early. I am going to start breakfast next week.

Any ideas - Is this normal for her not to have much milk??

Aitch Sun 04-Jan-09 21:23:42

i'd be disinclined to give her any more solids until you're happy with the milk situation, i think. dd drank a lot more milk but they are all different, there is an official figure somewhere of minimum 18 oz a day but i'm not sure if that's at 6 months or a year old.

lauraloola Sun 04-Jan-09 21:25:24

Thats a good idea, thanks.

I had thought that maybe if she isnt having enough milk she can get more nutrient from breakfast but your point makes much more sense.

She will not drink anymore milk. I have tried giving her less and more often but she wont have it.

I may get her weighed this week to make sure shes putting on weight ok.

ponygirl17 Sun 04-Jan-09 21:26:14

Not sure about the quantities as it has been a while for us, it does sound okay as she is eating, but was wondering why you are giving her juice, when water is by far a better alternative?

lauraloola Sun 04-Jan-09 21:27:27

She wont drink water and spits it out.

I give her baby juice but dilute it loads. There is barely any juice in the cup and loads of water. I think its already diluted aswell!

I am going to start using less and less juice so that eventually she does drink water.

ponygirl17 Sun 04-Jan-09 21:32:51

Sorry if I came across like a know it all, but where I live kids have far too much sugar in everything and it really winds me up, as so many have such bad teeth.

lauraloola Sun 04-Jan-09 21:34:07

No, I totally agree and am annoyed that I have given her juice.

I water it down so much though that she is basically drinking water with a slight taste to it!!

littleboyblue Sun 04-Jan-09 21:43:39

My ds was pretty much the same. I weaned a few weeks early as felt it was the right time for him. I looked at some guidlines and tips on how to get started and quantaties etc, but didn't really follow them, he seemed to enjoy eating so much that within the week he was having 3 solid meals a day. The more he ate, the less milk he had. By the time he was 7 months he was having 14oz a day, 7 at waking and 7 at bedtime, by 9 months it was just the 7oz at bedtime. I battled with myself about lowering the solids in order to increase the milk intake and I spoke to my hv about it too. I decided to continue with the amount of solids as he just didn't seem interested in milk. I also gave yoghurts and mixed cheese sauce into things so he still got a fair amount of calcium in his diet.
He also wouldn't drink water so I figured maybe he just wasn't thirsty, he was still producing wet nappies but after having to give sapositeries ( don't know spelling) over the space of 2 days at 10 months, decided to give squash to ensure he was getting enough fluids.
I also gave weetabix for his breakfast from 6/7 months, was able to crush one and a half in 4 oz of milk so he got that as well.

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