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Is anyone around on here please?

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kazbeth Sun 04-Jan-09 02:54:29

I'm struggling coping with my newborn. She's been feeding non stop for 7 hours now and I'm shattered. Is this normal? I thought they were supposed to be sleepy for the first day!

I know not to expect much sleep for quite some time (already have one child) but this will be a nightmare if it continues as I've had no sleep at all yet.

Thanks for any advice

MeandEva Sun 04-Jan-09 02:56:21

I wish I could help but I'm afraid I'm no expert. I bf my dd and I think they comfort suck as much as feed at that age. Have you considered co-sleeping and then she can feed while you get some nuch needed rest?

MummyToLeon Sun 04-Jan-09 02:59:57

Hi Kaz... Sorry to hear you are struggling. My ds is bf but im still no expert! But for the first few days she will feed more as she is only getting colostrum until your milk comes through properly. Sorry i cant be of much help but i hope you manage to get some rest xx

kazbeth Sun 04-Jan-09 03:00:28

thanks, I tried that but although I'm lying down I'm still not really getting much rest - and she kepps wnting to switch sides all the time too. Could she be really hungry already?

Gettinthehangofthisatlast Sun 04-Jan-09 03:03:44

Hi Kazbeth,

Congratulations on your new arrival!

Well done for getting her to feed so soon, sounds like it's started well.

I'm remembering that I read that newborns are born with reserves, so while suckling will be great for stimulating your milk, it is probably like M&Eva said - comfort sucking as well as feeding.

Could your partner or someone take the baby off at least for an hour or two while you get some rest? I was shattered after labour and don't think I'd have lasted 7 hours of feeding straight off!

MeandEva Sun 04-Jan-09 03:06:29

Congratulations!! (forgot that bit earlier)

Your dd can smell your milk as well so its natural she will want to latch on when she is near you. I think gettingthehangofthisatlst is right, if someone could take her for a bit it might help

vlc Sun 04-Jan-09 03:06:31

Congratulations on your baby!

Cluster feeding is normal, and exhausting, and is your dd building up your milk supply. If you feel your latch is OK and she is transferring the milk effectively (pooing and weeing lots, good colour skin, alert when awake etc) then this is probably normal.

Are you able to feed her lying down so you can snooze? Or can your dp take her away for a little shift so that you can rest for a couple of hours?

kazbeth Sun 04-Jan-09 03:13:18

my husband has tried taking her but she just cries constantly when not on the breast -i wouldn't get much rest.

Gettinthehangofthisatlast Sun 04-Jan-09 03:22:11

I could never rest while hearing my dd cry either - day or night. Is a drive in the car an option (can dh take her, while you rest?) I know he will have to stay awake for it, but presumably he is not getting any sleep anyway?

Good luck, keep going! Hopefully it will settle in a few hours and she will start sleeping a bit.

duchesse Sun 04-Jan-09 03:25:06

kazbeth- get him to try the overarm hold with her. You lie the baby tummy down along the forearm, with her head in or towards (depending on her size) the crook of his elbow, and her bottom resting on his palm. Most babies seem to find this soothing, especially if he taps her back gently at the same time. Also- Have you tried wrapping her fairly snugly in a blanket?

kazbeth Sun 04-Jan-09 03:36:04

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Just tried swaddling and it didn't help. I also tried the arm hold thing but she just kept rooting around on my arm. My husband has now gone to bed as I didn't see the point in both of us being shattered especially as we also have a toddler to look after.

I think I have some formula left over - assuming it's in date should I try giving her some as she seems starving and I'm now at a loss. My other daughter wasn't like this at all. Even cluster feeds would be over in 4 hours or so.

duchesse Sun 04-Jan-09 03:39:26

Os she latching on correctly do you think? I can't imagine she could possibly continue feeding efficiently for 7 hours- she would fill her stomach pretty quickly.

Gettinthehangofthisatlast Sun 04-Jan-09 03:41:56

Hi Kaz,
Sorry but NO to the formula idea. From a safety point of view, it should not be used more than 4 weeks after tub is opened, even if in date.

More than that, though, although it will fill her up it will interfere with the relatively new lesson she has learned of feeding from you when she's hungry.

I really do understand your frustration and being desperately tired and needing a rest, but would really encourage you to resist giving her formula if you possibly can.

I was on the phone to midwives at our local birthing centre at 2 in the morning for BF support when my dd was 2 days old. Is there a number like that you can ring where they're up all night anyway? I was given the number when i came home from the hospital...

duchesse Sun 04-Jan-09 03:44:49

I agree. The hospital maternity unit should have someone on duty. I am surprised that they discharged you if your little one is not feeding well, tbh.

foxytocin Sun 04-Jan-09 03:45:20

Kaz have you tried skin to skin contact? no tops either of you? it can help them drift off when v. tired.

do you have a (wrap) sling which can help you do things in the daytime?

Jacksmama Sun 04-Jan-09 03:47:34

Remember how tiny their stomachs are, they hold about a teaspoon, and if she's only getting colostrum right now, that's not very much, so she could well be on you for seven hours. Mine was like that, and I don't know about you but my nipples were never treated this way before DS came along so I got pretty sore on top of being so tired. One of the nurses told us to let him suck on my pinky finger so I did, and he was on my finger for a few hours (sore finger then but better than cracked nips). I'm sorry you're so exhausted, but congratulations on your new baby! About the formula, DS lost a ton of weight right after his birth so they sent us home with some and he did sleep after we gave it to him. I didn't like to, but my milk took ages to come in and he was hungry... I was worried about nipple confusion but that turned out not to be an issue... do what you have to to get some sleep.
Luck and ((((HUGS)))) and congratulations again.

foxytocin Sun 04-Jan-09 03:50:09

when was she born? how many poos she's had so far? (if a few days old)

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Sun 04-Jan-09 03:52:29

Congratulations Kazbeth.

Sorry you're struggling with the constant feeding.

Both of my newborns wanted to suckle constantly at first. It was relentless, exhausting and bleak for a while, but I ended up with two super-feeders and a great supply of milk which was tailor made for my babies.

Have you got Lansinoh? The last thing you want to do is get sore nipples this early on. I did find that I got a little respite by lying the baby on my tummy and letting him sleep while I lay back and got some rest too. Obv not safety recommended but I was happy.

It remember with my last, breaking down and sobbing because I just couldn't cope a second longer, but actually I'm glad I continued because it only lasted a day or two and then once my milk came in things really settled down.

Good luck, am thinking of you and sending all good vibes xxx

kazbeth Sun 04-Jan-09 03:57:35

ah, sorry, should have made it clear that it's an unopened tub of formula. you're right though and I really didn't want to go down that route - especially on the first day!

She's less than a day old - born 7 sat morning. She only started doing this this evening. she must had had at least 5 big poos by now so presumably something is getting through her system.

I tried the finger thing but she wasn't fooled

Might try going back to bed and co-'sleeping' at least I'm lying down then I guess.

Gettinthehangofthisatlast Sun 04-Jan-09 03:59:27

Alice has just reminded me that that was the only way my dd slept in first few days too. We took it in turns to sleep with her on our chests. Though you did say she wants to be on the nipple the whole time.

I know you know it, but remember first couple of days are the hardest, then hopefully it settles a bit.

Gettinthehangofthisatlast Sun 04-Jan-09 04:02:56

Sorry, crossed posts blush

Good luck with the co-sleeping. As you say, at least you will hopefully get a bit of rest, if not sleep.

Good night (hopefully!)

Jacksmama Sun 04-Jan-09 04:07:53

I found the best position for co-sleeping while Jackbaby was tiny was me lying sort of on my side (pillow shoved behind my back) with Jackbaby in the crook of my arm so he was half on his side, half face-up. For some reason I was just worried about having him face-down on my chest. This way I could just pull him up to my nipple in a sort of side-lying position when he did need to feed.
7 am Saturday! Wow, and you're home already! How lovely! I hope you get some rest, and congratulations again!

TinyWhiteFeather Sun 04-Jan-09 04:16:26

Congratulations kazbeth.

My DD was like this and I used to make a nest of cushions and blankets and settle down with her. We would snuggle like this for hours...the only rest I got! But she was a great sleeper and soon settled into a really good sleep pattern.

To this day (she is 6), she likes to make a 'nest' of soft throws and blankets. And still sleeps well.

squatchette Sun 04-Jan-09 04:31:49

My 3rd dd was like this.If you think about it the milk hasn't come in yet so she has to do all that suckling to stimulate it.
Some babies do really seem to need to suck more than others neither of my elder 2 cluster fed to the extent of my recent arrival .Neither had a dummy either but I soon bought no3 one!
The good news is she will settle down once the milk has come in but cluster feeding is quite normal for the first few weeks.Try and rest when she does it's the only way sometimes,although easier said than done once you have other littlle ones.
Giving birth in itself is exhausting so you're bound to feel crap until you've had a sleep .Hoping you're getting some now x

foxytocin Sun 04-Jan-09 05:41:39

it is great news that you have had lots of news. It means that she has gotten colostrum.
here is a good link for breastfeeding lying down

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