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Anyone else prepared to admit they actively wanted to bf in order to stick it to The Man!

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Penthesileia Fri 02-Jan-09 21:17:43

Of course, breast is best for my baby, and all.

But - anyone else read 'The Politics of Breastfeeding' and think: no damn evil corporation is going to take advantage of my need to feed my baby, dammit. Those lousy companies, still responsible for infant deaths in the developing world, ain't getting a penny of my cash.

Etc. Etc.

Breastfeeding was as much a political issue for me as it was a bonding and nurturing one. I'm not afraid to admit it!

In your face, The Man!

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 21:19:47

oh absolutely. and if ds2 had needed supplementing at any point I would have done my damndest to get him donated BM rather than give formula

whomovedmychocolate Fri 02-Jan-09 21:20:40

Mother in law maybe, but not the man grin

sleepycat Fri 02-Jan-09 21:22:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BouncingTurtle Fri 02-Jan-09 21:22:22

Not so much sticking it to the man, but out if sheer stubbornness!

Penthesileia Fri 02-Jan-09 21:22:23

Also - Up yours, The Man, for trying to make society think there's something disgusting about bf-ing. Etc. Etc.

Grrr - bring it on...

StealthPo09IsHere Fri 02-Jan-09 21:22:31

er no although I feel more political about it the longer I do it, but it's from a public health pov more than anything else

CharCharGabor Fri 02-Jan-09 21:22:39

Yes, definitely. Not as important as all the other reasons, but definitely part of it.

Penthesileia Fri 02-Jan-09 21:23:49

LOL wmmc! Are you sure you MIL is not The Man? hmm

Penthesileia Fri 02-Jan-09 21:24:55


BoffinMum Fri 02-Jan-09 21:33:49

I recall a very happy afternoon when me and my ante-natal class sat all together in a pavement cafe bf in unison in a highly politicised collective socking to the Man, only to find that everyone smiled at us and looked approvingly, so perhaps things are on the turn. grin

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 21:35:44

lol boffinmum.
i have been waiting and waiting for someone to provoke me into unleashing some huge diatribe on breastfeeding.
but 15 months on all i've had are smiles and nice comments.

StealthPo09IsHere Fri 02-Jan-09 21:39:01

tiy, you're feeding at 15 months. Urgh that;s disgusting. He should be weaned off that now. Rod for your own back. etc

Rant away

BoffinMum Fri 02-Jan-09 21:40:50

Yes, actually the only person who has ever said anything horrid to me about bf since 1987 is my own (ff) mother, who effectively asked me to leave a restaurant where we were having a meal "in case they ask us to leave because you are doing that" while DD and DS1 got to finish their meal with her in attendance. I stood outside in the street feeding DS2 in the passage by the side of the restaurant while passers by stopped and expressed pity. (I know I should have stood up to her but she can be very bossy and German and I had just had a baby, FGS!)

Usually people just smile and offer to get me refereshments, etc.

StealthPo09IsHere Fri 02-Jan-09 21:41:41

You have been bf for 12 years? shock

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 21:42:14

lol stealth, wait wait I need to memorise my rant again first!!!! hehe

BoffinMum Fri 02-Jan-09 21:42:57

grin It will have been on and off for 22 years, but involving different small people.

Is this a bf record, I ask myself??

Penthesileia Fri 02-Jan-09 21:44:42

Go BoffinMum! Aren't you leading a childcare revolution on another thread? You're on FIRE, woman!

Penthesileia Fri 02-Jan-09 21:46:31

And I too have been longing waiting for someone to comment negatively on my feeding DD... So far, no takers. Pah. No-good, yellow-belly, lily-livered, woolly, liberal university town. <spits in the sand>

BoffinMum Fri 02-Jan-09 21:49:04

I am indeed feeling very revolutionary these days.

Penthesileia Fri 02-Jan-09 21:50:40

<marches jauntily beside BoffinMum>

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 21:51:53

22 years????? how?

lovelysongbirdie Fri 02-Jan-09 21:52:08

yeah a bit.
stick it a bit lol

mamalovesmincepiesANDmojitos Fri 02-Jan-09 21:52:46

ha, i was the same. when mastitis and bleeding nipples kicked in, when xp begged me to give up and give myself a break as dd didn't latch on properly for weeks, it was sheer stubborness that made me continue.

also would have loved someone to challenge me in restaurant/similar. nobody ever noticed grin.

StealthPo09IsHere Fri 02-Jan-09 21:53:17

I think her finger slipped and she meant to type 2.

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