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Please tell me I won't regret it

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FeelingLucky Wed 31-Dec-08 16:40:34

Stopped breastfeeding DD as have been TTC for months without any joy ... the end of a 19 month old relationship which I'll really miss. Can't believe how emotional I'm feeling, especially when she asks for milk and DH distracts her.

Hope it's worth it.

whomovedmychocolate Wed 31-Dec-08 17:27:34

Why? DS is five months and I'm still feeding DD (2). Have you at least had an ovulation test yet to see whether you are ovulating?

NAB3lovelychildren Wed 31-Dec-08 17:29:14

I think it might be time for some checks. Mums do conceive when BFing and it seems a shame to stop if you don't have too and you clearly don't want too.

whomovedmychocolate Wed 31-Dec-08 17:57:16

The average time taken to conceive in this country is 13 months btw, you are well under that I assume?

FeelingLucky Wed 31-Dec-08 18:08:46

OPKs tell me that I'm ovulating, so am guessing nothing is implanting. Have been TTC for 10 months and I'm going to be 38 years old soon .... tick tick tick tock ...

If I do manage to conceive soonish, might ask DD whether she wants to nurse and see if I manage to relactate.
Has anyone tried this?

whomovedmychocolate Wed 31-Dec-08 18:23:17

If you are ovulating, breastfeeding will not stop implantation.

I would suggest you see a GP and ask for a day 21 test to see at what level you are ovulating (ie how high your hormone levels are). Also bear in mind you are just one half of this equation! Your partner should also have a test. Male sperm quality decreases as well.

FeelingLucky Thu 01-Jan-09 20:45:14

Yes, if nothing happens will see GP about it again - just didn;t want to go to GP only for her to say that I should try and stop breastfeeding first. Took us two years to conceive DD and really want to pull out all the stops for a DC2.

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