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prada Fri 26-Dec-08 21:44:45

just read something on a thread here about domperidone, did a google and looks like it could suit me.. i've been topping up ds2 with ff as well as expressing and ideally would like to exclusively bf and get him away from the ff...

however he lost 10% weight after birth and only gaining now very slowly (even with top ups) but enough to keep hv happy for now and me hanging on that he's fine, i.e. pooing and peeing well, looking alert etc...

woman in pharmacy today asked how many days old ds2 was today.. thought i'd gotton over the size thing.. guess not sad dh hesitated and said 4 weeks when he is actually 5 weeks...

any experiences on domperidone good and bad to share please?


p.s. he was 8lb at birth and at 3 weeks was 8lb 2, have not had him weighed since...

Tryharder Fri 26-Dec-08 22:02:50

I think most people on here would advise you to stop the topups and concentrate on increasing your milk supply naturally by offering more feeds etc etc.

I don't know your story but I am presuming your HV told you to top up as your baby lost a lot of weight? sad

I asked my GP about domperidone - like you, I had given Ds2 topups as I lacked confidence in my own ability to feed him and he had a poor latch initially. I really, really wish I hadnt as I then struggled for ages to increase my own supply.

My GP got in touch with the bf coordinator at the hospital and she rang me. She said that domperidone increases the milk production hormone (forgotten it's name) and hence it's useful when women give birth too early and do not have high hormone levels or in extreme cases, to induce lactation in women who have adopted babies...(the examples she gave). She then said that after a while, milk production is not hormone driven but demand driven by the baby sucking so that domperidone was not really any use for me as at that point, my baby was already 5 months old. As it was, I had gone through a week of teeth gritting and concentrated effort of bfeeding all the time and I havent given a ff top up for over 2 months.

You might want to give it a try though, you would need to find a sympathetic GP as my GP initially wouldnt prescribe it as they are only meant to prescribe drugs for their "proper" purpose i.e domperidone reduces sickness or something.

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