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Thrush? Blockage? Help!!

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barbareebaa Fri 26-Dec-08 08:36:46

happy Boxing Day one and all!!

Sorry to post on boxing day but I could really use some advice if anyone can help me..
Think I got thrush in my nipples (thanks daisy for suggesting I may have it) All the symptoms were there on Christmas Eve so rushed to the dr and she prescribed daktarin for us both.
Yesterday Will just wanted to feed (owowowow) (making nipples sorer )so have become very engorged over night. Noticed, during the night, that have hard area on left boob so just fed from that side to try to shift it. Also there is a red patch below nipple. Lump/ hard area still there and I don't know whether to continue giving him that side or swap to the other - will I make problem worse i.e. encorage more milk production and therefore worse engorging if I don't swap? Also now other boob appears to have blockage.
Am sore and miserable. Has been quite a testing 24 hours and I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. Poor dh. Not a good first Christmas I think!

Sorry to be depressing but would so appreciate any advice. Trust me to get in a pickle when all drs are shut!


Psychobabble Fri 26-Dec-08 08:46:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SamJamsmum Fri 26-Dec-08 09:46:15

I would suggest giving the helplines a ring and speak to a bf counsellor. They are open today though you may have to ring around as people might be away from home. Start with the NHS helpline.
Just briefly though think about feeding more on the affected side and not less. If you double-sided feed start with that side. You want to get it as well drained as you can. I would even do some additional pumping while you massage on the firm area if necessary.
Get breasts warm and wet with hots baths, then massage firmly towards nipple and get feeding/ pumping.

barbareebaa Fri 26-Dec-08 12:47:33

Many thanks for your messages. Really appreciate your advice. Ds just gone down for a nap (hopefully, fingers crossed) so am going to get a bath and then try to get in touch with a bfc. Am still blocked on left but right boob has sorted - just nipple problem now.

Thanks again for replying on your holidays!

PhoebeLaura Fri 26-Dec-08 16:00:37

I'm probably not the best person to advise on thrush as i've had it for 7 weeks and am about to move onto FF sad but i got some great advice on mn here

Really hope you get it sorted - i think the quicker you start treating the easier it is to get rid of. Don't let the Drs fob you off either. Fluconozole tablets seem to be the answer for most people in combination with cream/drops/gel for you and baby but they need to be at correct dosage (400ml loading followed by 200 per day for 2 weeks is advised).

Good luck!

barbareebaa Sat 27-Dec-08 12:46:40

Thanks PhoebeLaura! Really useful link! Gosh I really don't want to do 8 weeks of this shock I do think am making some progress with daktarin cream but am being a bit lacks (not using gel for lo's mouth but can't see any white spots) Nipples are incredibly achy in this cold weather so am wrapped up in front of the telly grin
bf-ing still v. painful but bearable now. Blockage less than yesterday.
Hopefully will continue to improve - have sil and family coming to stay tomorrow!

Psychobabble Sat 27-Dec-08 20:34:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frogmarsh Sat 27-Dec-08 21:00:13

Glad things are getting a little easier, i just wanted to say keep feeding from the blocked side and baby should clear it eventually, but don't neglect he other side as this can lead to blockages in that side too ( happened to me several times - you'd think i'd learnwink)

I second getting your latch checked if you're at all worried. Although having said that i have just had a blocked duct after 3 months of no problems and can't really work out why......

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