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any users of Colief?

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mckenzie Fri 25-Mar-05 19:37:30

I have been using Colief for 2 week old DD since tuesday afternoon. Tuesday evening and wednesday evening were great but thursday evening and tonight we're back to square one.

How long does it take for the Colief to start working? Were tuesday and wednesday evenings just flukes? Or have I dont something wrong since then?

pupuce Fri 25-Mar-05 19:39:05

I am sure you'll get some experience on here. I haven't got any. Are you mix feeding?
How is it going?

phatcat Fri 25-Mar-05 19:44:58

no advice as such mckenzie - but we used Colief in the very early weeks for ds and found similar - some days it seemed to make a diff, others not. In retrospect I don't think it made much difference, he was just difficult to settle and feed for the first couple of months. I'm assuming your dd is behaving colicky and that's why you're trying it? Have you tried swaddling? tbh that made the most difference for us. Good luck - these early days can be so hard.

sahara Fri 25-Mar-05 19:53:44

I used colief for my dd and I did find it to work. I have even recommended it to friends. I stopped using it after 2 weeks as my hv advised but she instantly became uncomfortable and I had to use it again. To me it was a life saver.
My hv said that it's one of those things that work for some but not for others as with others it could be the milk, maybe u could try changing that. hv said that if it was going to work it would work within a week, so if it didn't I shouldn't continue. Hope I helped

mckenzie Fri 25-Mar-05 20:09:38

hi pupuce - fully bottle feeding now. I'm getting my come uppance though. Poor DD is getting colic!

Thanks Phatcat and Sahara - I'll give it until middle of next week and see if there is any improvement. You have to be so exact about when you add the drops and how long you can keep the milk for dont you that i wonder if I'm doing somehting wrong there, maybe the milk is too warm/too chilled when I'm adding the drops and I know that sometimes i go over the 12 hour cut off. DD finally down now, DH does seem to be able to work magic when I fail.

mambamum Mon 28-Mar-05 17:21:20

Hi Mckenzie we tried colief for our ds (infact we tried all of the colic remedies) and found none of them worked. Colief was the final remedy we tried and we found that if anything it made hime worse - he got the runs. In the end we stopped trying. In hindsight we're not even convinced it was colic that he had. After all what really is colic? We came to the conclusion that it's just learning deal with the general gripes of being alive if that makes any sense. We did find the pro biotic formulas very good though.

chipmonkey Mon 28-Mar-05 17:33:27

Hi macKenzie, have found the same as you with colief, i.e worked some days and not others but overall ds3 has been better with it than without it. Sometimes ds3 is just sheer tired but doesn't know it. Swaddling, swinging and sucking all at the same time seem to help.

serah Mon 28-Mar-05 17:42:28

Hi -
same as mambamum here - made my little one worse - seemed to make him fart all night - which in turn made hime scream of course! I have found that keeping up the infacol has a positive effect - you need to use it for at least a week - and of course this is available on prescription if money is tight.

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