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Bras after BFing

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MrsJamin Sat 20-Dec-08 09:56:27

Have stopped BFing DS (nearly 1 YO) in the past 10 days, and I just can't bear to go back to my pre-pregnancy wired bras. They just seem incredibly uncomfortable re the wires - is this usual? Did anyone just stick with soft bras? I wondered whether it's just because my body's still adjusting. Also DS was breech and I feel like my rib cage is a different shape now so perhaps that's why the wires are digging in. hmm

Also when do you stop leaking when they cry?! It's a bit weird.

peachygirl Sat 20-Dec-08 10:04:00

I moved back into my pregnacy bras first as they were all soft and after a couple of months got re-measured and had some new wired ones ones.

I also has a breech baby and just the other day was thinking my ribs stick out a bit more

Sorry, can't help you with the leaking this wasn't a probem for me but some one else will come along.

iwantitnow Sat 20-Dec-08 20:37:26

Your ribs have probably permanently changed, I wouldn't rely on them going back down. I would use some of that money saved from BFing and not FFing to buy some lovely new bras and get remeasured - I wouldn't bother until you stop leaking though.

ilovetochatupsanta Sat 20-Dec-08 20:44:29

i'm glad you posted this as i stopped bf last week and i'm still leaking and also still wearing soft bras. can't wait to get back into nice bras but didn't know how long to leave it before getting measured.

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