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OH please help me, you wonderful people I dont want to be on ab's over xmas, help

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TrinityRhino Sat 20-Dec-08 08:50:54

Gecko always had a way of feedin weirdly, very hard to get her to actually lie down across me and assume a sensible feeding position
(shes 22 months btw)

I dont think this helps and was wehy I got a blocked duct that continued to my first ever bout of mastitus a while back

well she was messin around and feeding in tiny bursts and standing up and squishin my boob around yesterday evening and I was trying to get the energy to help purple with her decorations and didn't really make her settle to it properly.
Then we didn't leave purple til way gone 11pm and when we got home all three kids went out like kights...
Gecko wakes every two to three hours through the night EXCEPT last night she slept 5 and a bit straight hours shock
and I awoke and 5.15am with a very full boob on her favourite side.
My nose was blocked(still gettinb rid of horrid cold) so I went to get a drink, have a fa and find the vicks. I expressed a little to help the full feeling, at the time, it wasn't hurting.
Then she woke up, I rush back into bed, she feeds off the full boob, which lets down very painfully and then she seems to pretty much empty it but at 8.30 (she has now been asleep another recordbreaking 3 and a half hours) it is really sore where it hurt at the painful let down
I feel a bit feverish but I'm still battling a sore throat, sinus, cold type thing and satayerd up very late so it could just be that.
Waffle waffle, sorry but trying to give you the full picture so you can advise me
I have hand expressed into a mug and will continue to do so

They does seem to be some lumpy feeling near the back of the breat iyswim

It doesn't seem red as yet but whole boob quite tender now(maybe over zealous, panicky expressing not helpig though)

I have taken paracetemol and drinking lots of fluids
will encourage her tofeed lots, luckily it is her fave one
will try the dangle feeding
should I do anything doc wise, I guess is my question?

I remember it being hell last time, I dont want to be stuck like that over xmas with no ab's
but then I dont want to be on ab's over xmas at all


TrinityRhino Sat 20-Dec-08 08:54:09

<sobs and shouts for tiktok, hunker and all the other breastfeeding gurus who I dont know the names of>

TrinityRhino Sat 20-Dec-08 08:57:52

I'm sorry to be a bother but help
I'm frsagile and this is really panicking me

Grendle Sat 20-Dec-08 08:59:41


If you think you have a blocked duct and/or mastitis coming on then as you already know the key is to get the milk moving out of your breast. Lots of feeding, so try to feed first from that side, and if you can express afterwards then that may help too. Massaging the affected area towards the nipple or even coming downwards with a wide-toothed comb can be helpful (in the shower/bath with soap). Warmth can help too, so hot pack, or warm water whilst or before expressing.

Some people find taking ibuprofen helpful, as it relieves the pain and is also anti-inflammatory.

Check out other self-help measures here:

Consider ringing the national bf helpline (0844 20 909 20) for extra help and support and if you have symptoms of mastitis that go on for over 24hrs, then you may need to get to the GP for antibiotics.

Take care

TrinityRhino Sat 20-Dec-08 09:01:02

thanks grendle
thankyou very much, will read that

Grendle Sat 20-Dec-08 09:02:16

You're welcome. It does sound like a blocked duct, so if you get straight on with self-help hopefully it'll improve soon.

I know how sore they are. Do let us know how you are.

pinkspottywellies Sat 20-Dec-08 09:03:10

Sorry not a guru but when I've had a blockage I've massaged/pushed it towards the nipple. Your dangle idea sounds good and like you say just keep her feeding. Here is an old thread about blocked ducts - I remembered MrsCarrot had a lot of trouble with them. She did awful things with a needle as advised on Kellymom as I recall - might be worth a search!

TrinityRhino Sat 20-Dec-08 09:03:30

expressing as we speak, she is sti;ll asleep bless her

will let you know how its going
thanks again smile

ninjinglebells Sat 20-Dec-08 09:05:16

I'll second a warm bath and massaging that area and trying to express out. Also compressing that area while feeding. These always warded off the mastitis for me.

Good Luck!

TrinityRhino Sat 20-Dec-08 09:07:00

shock at a needle pinkspotty, thanks for the link

warm bath, great idea ninjing, will have all three kids piling in with me, good job its a big bath lol

Grendle Sat 20-Dec-08 09:22:54

One other thought... if your dd is an acrobatic feeder, then now's the time to capitalise on that by feeding in lots of different positions smile.

If you think of your nipple as the centre of a clock face, then try to feed with her chin at lots of different numbers. Sometimes one position is more effective at draining the blocked up bit. If she'll lie on her back to feed and let you lean over her then this can be effective, otherwise just improvise! I've fed ds slung over my shoulder before now shock.

I think someone mentioned needles. This would be if you have a bleb or milk blister on your nipple. That's where the end of the opening to the milk duct gets sealed over causing everything to back-up behind it. If you take a look at you're nipple you'd see a small white chalky bit if that was the prob.

TrinityRhino Sat 20-Dec-08 21:32:24

hi everyone
Its not as sore now but still a little
I'm still encouraing lots of feeding on that side and we fed in a hot bath whilst I massaged

with any luck I think its going to be ok
Tahnks everyone

fondant4000 Sat 20-Dec-08 21:37:55

Just wanted to say good luck TR - I hate that mastitis fever! If it ever happens to me, I don't let dd away from my side and feed, feed, feed. smile

I also found if I massage the lump towards the nipple when feeding it helps - not sure if this is the right thing to do tho'

psychohohohoho Sat 20-Dec-08 21:59:55

am hoping you have found it.....otherwise I am bumping for yousmile


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