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Breastfeeding at 14/15 months

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ChristmasTreeTrunkThighs Fri 19-Dec-08 21:05:05

My DD1 self-weaned with encouragement at 13 months so I am into uncharted territory with DD2 who is now 14 months and still breastfeeding.

I have always been happy to feed her anytime anywhere but am starting to feel self-conscious, not least because she exposes me so often during a feed these days! I know she's still a baby but know that others don't feel the same.

If you are bfing or have bfed a 14/15 month old can you tell me about your experiences - how often they feed, how long for, where? Did you feed on demand or have some rules about when/where?

Think I maybe need to find a local support group - any ideas where to start looking?



ilovetochatupsanta Fri 19-Dec-08 21:13:55

i have just stopped bf my dd and she is 17 months. when she turned 1 i started doing never offer never refuse and she cut down to morning, lunch and night. i offered water in the day and said big girls have water for lunch and she gradually cut down to bf morn and night.
then she just kept going with no real signs of cutting down or self weaning.
this months she missed a few morning bf and just asked for cereal so i took her straight down and gave her cereal and a beaker of warm milk which she liked.
last week i went out and my mom put her to bed, 1st time ever in 17 months, she went to sleep no problem so i just didn't offer a bf again and she hasn't had 1 since.
that sounds a lot easier than it was as after a few nights she just asked for a bf and i said no and she really cried and i was in bits posting on here crying my eyes out and i must admit i miss bf now a bit although it's nice to have my body back.
at the end she normally fed for 5-10 mins, 90% of time at home as it was morn and night but i have still fed her out and about and when she was ill recently i fed her in a&e, she did pull my clothes everywhere and stand up by feeding in public didn't bother me.
sorry this is very long and hope it helps a bit. smile

jkklpu Fri 19-Dec-08 21:14:04

Still doing it with ds2 almost 14mo. Not producing much milk as it's only a bit at night and as contingency on commuter train home after nursery. He just loves it and sometimes tries to break in during the day if he's cranky. Tbh, I'm keen to stop so it's no longer an option for him, in the hope that it puts a stop to night waking, but I reckon it won't stop until I go to visit my sister on my own for a week in a couple of months' time.

I was never embarrassed about bfing either ds in public - screaming baby or happy silence with a squint top, anyone? - but completely recognise the greater sensitivity with an older baby.

Do you have an NCT bfing counsellor in your area? Mayb a good place to start.

CharCharGaboriaInExcelsisDeo Fri 19-Dec-08 21:20:28

DD's 16 months so a bit older than your DD. She still bfs a lot, maybe 6 times a day but she is going through a bad patch of teething and is ill as well. Before all this came up she was feeding four times a day, in the morning and night and twice in the day. Where I will feed her depends on what mood she's in at the time. If it's just because she fancies it I try and distract her as I can't be bothered getting my boob out all day grin but if she's hurt herself or is really upset then I'll feed her wherever and whenever. It's a lot easier than trying to calm her without it. I am starting to get a few funny looks at toddler groups but I just ignore them. Have a look on this website and see if there's a babycafe near you. The NCT and LLL are also worth looking into smile

hellymelly Fri 19-Dec-08 21:20:39

I'm still feeding at 19months but she doesn't feed all that much during the day so I am almost always at home.I do feed her on the train sometimes,can't say it bothers me all that much,I am sure it is better for everyone than her crying .Actually I feel proud to be still feeding and if anyone seemed bothered by it I would think it was their problem.

zebedee1 Fri 19-Dec-08 21:52:25

Also still feeding at 19 months, he usually has BF morning and before bed only, unless he's ill/ teething and then it's open all hours at the milk bar!
He has a beaker of water or milk in the day. I found as he got older he was less interested in the daytime, too much wrecking to be done!

zebedee1 Fri 19-Dec-08 21:55:41

Oh and I have never ever had a bad comment about BFing a toddler in public and mine's HUUUUUGE! Infact we were at A&E a few weeks ago and the Dr and 2 nurses made a point of saying how nice and comforting BF was for a baby and how more people should BF toddlers.

callmeovercautious Fri 19-Dec-08 22:04:48

At that age DD started on just Morning and night feeds - if we were sniggling on the sofa during the day she would occasionally ask for some but never bothered when in public. Very rarely she would ask but she was never a boob flasher iyswim?

Try distraction if out and about if you are uncomfortable.

DD is 27m now and is just self weaning, she has a BF every morning but recently not at bedtime (which I thought would be the last to go!). However she has a cold and tonight asked for Mummy Milk at bedtime so I let her and it was lovely to remember she is still a baby really even at 2. I will really miss it when she stops altogether sad

I have just gone with the flow at home and made sure I have snacks and milk/water on offer when we are out.

Grendle Fri 19-Dec-08 22:30:58

My dd is 16 months and still loves to bf. I reckon she feed 6-10 times per 24hrs, but some are only v quick feeds.

I know what you mean about becoming self-conscious in public. I remember starting to feel the same with ds at about this age too. With dd I feel that because her speech is v advanced it's really obvious what she wants, and there are certain contexts where I'd rather she didn't, e.g. middle of church christingle service! At these times I just say not now, afterwards, or if feasible offer a snack/drink instead.

I rarely fed ds in public after 18 months, as he became too busy and didn't ask, though I think dd may be different. Having said that, the last time I fed ds in public was on a park bench aged 3 years 3 months smile. I'm assuming that'll be the last time ever, but as he still has about 3 feeds a week, who knows wink.

mawbroon Fri 19-Dec-08 23:38:41

I don't remember exactly what DS was doing at that age, but he has always loved breastfeeding with a passion. I pretty much fed on demand, and come to think of it still do (he's 3), so it would have been several times a day, sometimes many times a day if he was in a particularly clingy phase around that age. The only place I wouldn't feed is on the bus, mostly because of the practicalites of getting in about with coats/bags/baby carrier etc.

There could well be a La Leche League group in your area (have a look on their website) and you will be amazed at the number of people who are still feeding at this age when you thought you were the only one!!

swanriver Sat 20-Dec-08 00:43:06

About four or five times a day at that age and milk from a cup too. Always lovely to have a quiet moment with them. But I think they fed more often because they were twins and wanted attention...Invaluable for outings aand illnesses and occasional bad dream.

ChristmasTreeTrunkThighs Sat 20-Dec-08 06:54:21

Ilovetochatupsanta - thanks! I had forgotten the 'don't offer, don't refuse' approach and had started to refuse which I think has maybe made her ask more. So today's philosophy will be that.

We have had a recent trip to a&e and spent a night on the ward and I'm sure it was bf (along with the drip) that got her better as quickly as she did. I had her sleep with me in the put up bed next to her cot, despite some initial "we don't encourage bed-sharing" protests from the nurses and she fed on and off all night.

Sorry, I digressed! Thanks again - encouraging words and for the reminder.


BabiesEverywhere Sat 20-Dec-08 09:44:28

Definately find your nearest LLL group, I found mothers nursing older children than my daughter at my local branch, which made me feel like I was in the middle of our nursing relationship rather than the end.

I am still pretty much nursing 2.4 year old DD on demand but it is not often in public. Though raisons will help her wait until I can feed her. I have realised recently that the only time I really ask her to wait is when my mother is around. My mother doesn't really approve of my nursing a toddler.

DD did ask/nurse at the local music group last week as she fell over and needed the comfort. No one batted an eyelid or commented, what a nice group of mothers

If you are happy, carry on as you are

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