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brestfeeding, and leaving baby for the day

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scubamum Thu 24-Mar-05 16:57:18

DD is now 14wks whom I have 100% bf. I have left her twice for long periods of time with DH and expressed milk.
The first time away for 2 feeds/10hrs, expressed whilst I was out, but still returned with one boob really sore. Last week expressed one breast the night before, fed her on the other, then expressed both breasts in the morning. I then missed 3 feeds, did not express whilst I was out and they were not too bad (full but not painful).

Diving season is just starting and I want to get in the water, however it is a long day which means I will only be around for the night feed at around 10.30pm, missing the 4 feeds during the day.

In addition to what I have done, do you have any further tips (I really want to try to keep 100%bf) for boob comfort whilst away from DD?

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