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DD2 's demanding 'booboo' and grabbing a quick snack....

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motherinferior Wed 23-Mar-05 19:38:56

DD2, who's about 20 months now, pretty well dropped her remaining, morning, breastfeed a couple of months back. Latterly, though, she's snaffled the odd very brief morning feed again and now, with Spring cleavage on display, she has taken both to groping around for a breast and, indeed, demanding 'booboo'- rather disconcertingly, as she's a late speaker and has never said this before. Once I've decoupled my rediscovered underwires she'll latch on, take a quick slurp on either side and then lose interest.

It's not particularly a problem, but I do vaguely wonder why she's doing it again (availability, I suppose) and indeed whether she'll go on ^for ever^....

...any views?

motherinferior Wed 23-Mar-05 19:49:42


emkana Wed 23-Mar-05 19:58:07

My dd2 is the same age as yours and very passionate about "Milch" (her word for it) at the moment. I remember dd1 being the same at that age - a few months later dd1 lost interest and weaned herself. So there is hope! One thing I do is follow the "Don't offer - don't refuse" thing, and I try to distract her and only give in if she makes clear that she won't be distracted.

bobbybob Thu 24-Mar-05 03:28:36

Bob asks a lot if he is bored - he's not a groper though. He asks for "two sides" , which he whispers with a big soppy grin on his face and only ever at home.

Necklines higher in NZ - not as much temptation.

Could you teach her another word for them?

motherinferior Thu 24-Mar-05 08:54:16

Oh, it's really not a problem. I should have added that this happens in the evening. At the moment. Erk.

serenity Thu 24-Mar-05 09:25:51

DD does this as well, although as she's a few months younger I'm not getting the verbal demand!

She climbs up on my lap and very pointedly starts poking at them until I get one out. Like you I've thankfully gone back to decent underwired bras, and it's a pita to sit there with one boob dangling free, being poked in the side by the dislodged cup just for 2 slurps of milk. Sometimes I can distract her by offering her a drink of juice instead, but when she's tired all she wants to do is have a quick drink, and then sit there and poke my nipple and laugh.

It's a good thing I've given up on any sense of dignity now, and no, we don't do it outside the house. Can you just imagine it in Mothercare?

motherinferior Thu 24-Mar-05 09:27:31

Hi S - you on the new email still?

serenity Thu 24-Mar-05 09:31:22

I am, but I'm not on the PC as much atm. DH is still off work (7 weeks now!) and is hogging it. Ebaying for PS2 games is far more important than MN

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