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yet another weaning question.......

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mumto2boys Sun 20-Mar-05 08:31:19

ds2 is 6mths and 3 weeks; we started weaning 4 weeks ago and initally he couldn't get the food in his mouth quick enough! I started with "thick"-ish mush and finger food - it took about a week for him to work out what to do with the finger food but then he was off! I then started offering everything (within reason!) we have and ds2 enjoyed his meals.

He then got a very bad cold 2 weeks ago and understandably went off all food. Since then it has been a struggle to get him to eat anything.... He is still bf - has a feed about 6am, (then sometimes 9-10ish), 2pmish, 6pm(bedtime) and then he wants 1-2 night feeds (btw 10-12pm and then about 2-3am). I am offering solids at 7.30-8am, 12pm-ish and then at 4.30-5pm - this is fitting in with when ds1 needs to eat.

I know it's only tasters etc... but he really isn't interested now in anything at all.... and I feel frustrated as ds1 just gobbled everything in sight and was feeding himself completely by now as I wouldn't let me help! (yes.. I know I shouldn't compare!)

Any thoughts??????

NotQuiteCockney Sun 20-Mar-05 08:33:56

I'm just getting over a bad cold myself, and I'm having a hard time getting myself interested in food, too. It may take a while for him to feel right again. He's still drinking, and I'm sure the eating will sort itself.

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