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still no periods!!

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lucy1979 Wed 16-Mar-05 15:37:10

ds is now 10mths old! only feeding during nights with the occasional daytime feed. Am i normal?!

nnosam Wed 16-Mar-05 15:40:59

yep, i feed ds till he was 9 weeks and it was 2 mth after that that i got my afs back. if i were you i'ld enjoy it while i can....

sacha3taylor Wed 16-Mar-05 15:49:31

I diddnt have a period untill i stopped breast feeding ds at 10 monthes. I came on after 3 days and it lasted for 3 weeks. You are completely normal

Cha Wed 16-Mar-05 15:53:05

With both kids, periods came back at 11 months. B-fed both until 13 months, so yes, yr normal! And lucky.

Hayls Wed 16-Mar-05 15:53:10

Yep, normal. My dd is nearly 14 months and I've only had 2 sine she was born- 1st at 11 months

Sponge Wed 16-Mar-05 15:57:05

I gave up breastfeeding after 3 months. Ds is now 7.5 months and still no period for me either. I'm quite happy about it although I do panic that I might be pregnant occasionally.

bonym Wed 16-Mar-05 16:14:48

I didn't get a period until a month or two after I stoppeed breastfeeding completely (I was down to just 2 feeds a day when I stopped)

babyburps Wed 16-Mar-05 16:22:10

funny when theres a lot of children just 18mths or 2years apart! ...worrying in my insaner moments that i have run out of eggs!

chipmonkey Wed 16-Mar-05 16:39:04

Yes, normal, enjoy it fgs and stop worrying!

Millie1 Wed 16-Mar-05 18:39:02

DS2 is 15 mths and they're still not back ... the longer the better!!

Shazzler Fri 01-Apr-05 21:29:37

All I can say is lucky you

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