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Red rash around mouth after having formula - why?

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SamJohnsMum Wed 19-Nov-08 12:35:35

My DS is 24 weeks old and has been exclusively breastfed and I am just starting to give him a bit of baby rice. I want to wean him off breastfeeding over the next month or two (although he will have to take more than 10ml from a cup to do this - but that's another problem) so I have been trying to get him used to the taste of formula by spoon-feeding him a bit every day and I have also tried mixing up his baby rice with it too.

I started with Aptimel but I noticed that where it got round his mouth, he was left with lots of red marks and some ever so slightly raised areas. At first, I thought this was a dribble rash I hadn't noticed before (a lot was under his chin) but then I realised it only appeared where the formual had got round his mouth. I've since tried Hienz Nurture and Cow&Gate and it's had the same effect.

Anyone know why this is? Am I ever going to wean off the boob?!!

Seona1973 Wed 19-Nov-08 12:44:37

intolerance to cows milk protein maybe? If it is (and you would have to get it confirmed by hv/gp, etc) then you would have to use a milk that doesnt have cows milk protein and would probably have to get it prescribed.

purpleduck Wed 19-Nov-08 12:52:02

ds got hives all the way down when he first had a food with milk in it

cuppachar Fri 21-Nov-08 19:44:07

IMO it sounds like cows milk allergy (not intolerance) I have to say.... Best go to the GP. (or post on the Allergies thread and you'll get lots of good advice!)

The good news is that if it IS cows milk allergy, it's very common and most children grow out of it before they start school. There are various special formulas you can get on prescription (hydrolysed milk fomulas, soya milk, etc.)

Is there a history of allergies, eczema or asthma in your family?

cuppachar Fri 21-Nov-08 19:45:29

PS. I didn't start weaning my DD off breastmilk until after 12 months, but she LOVES soya formula now! smile

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