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snafu Wed 16-Mar-05 12:06:45

Anyone who remembers the 'breastfeeding at the swimming pool' thread may be interested in this new website.

Campaign for legislation in England and Wales to support women who wish to breastfeed in public. Scottish legislation becomes law on Friday, btw!

tiktok Wed 16-Mar-05 12:40:33

Very nice website, snafu, and easy to navigate.

Are you up for some constructive criticism? The drawing of the baby used as the logo by the home page is not good enough - the baby is not well-positioned (his cheeks look wrong) and the little drawing further down the page looks more professional.

Great idea - good luck with it

snafu Wed 16-Mar-05 13:03:51

it's not actually 'my' website but I do know (online, that is) the student midwives who've set it up, so will pass on your comments. It's only been up for a few days really so I'm sure they'll be happy to tweak here and there!

Glad you like it though...

bonym Wed 16-Mar-05 13:15:53

Can't seem to get the rest of the content on the press articles?

GeorginaA Wed 16-Mar-05 13:33:32

GASP - the associated files - is that really what an MP replied?!! That's outrageous!

hewlettsdaughter Wed 16-Mar-05 13:37:11

Your post made me look Georgina - unbelievable!

mrsflowerpot Wed 16-Mar-05 13:38:16

Thank heavens he's retiring is all I can say, need far fewer like that. Grammar in his letter left a lot to be desired to

snafu Wed 16-Mar-05 13:50:51

I know, what a patronising prat, eh? I'd love to know what his definition of 'more important things' is...

I've emailed my MP to draw his attention to the site, will be interesting to hear his reply as I believe he is quite old-school Tory.

tarantula Wed 16-Mar-05 14:06:55

Gobsmacked literally

GeorginaA Wed 16-Mar-05 14:14:09

I'm still breastfeeding - where does the guy live - can we all sit outside his house and feed, please?

trinityrocks Wed 16-Mar-05 18:32:04

woooohoooooooooooooooooooo go scotland

kookool Wed 16-Mar-05 19:48:45

I have to say I agree with snafu on the baby pic. thing at the top left hand corner. Why not use REAL photos of babies breastfeeding in public ? Afterall that's what the website is promoting ! Just a thought !

Best of luck to the people who have set it up though. An excellent cause. As for the letter from that idiot who calls himself an MP, I think a whole load of BF mums should go to the House of Commons and breastfeed in public right in front of the PM Blair ! Does/did Cherie breastfeed I wonder ?

kookool Wed 16-Mar-05 19:49:43

Sorry tiktok, I meant "I agree with tiktok"

jane313 Wed 16-Mar-05 19:57:27

God that letter. heer is the tory boy himself


snafu Fri 18-Mar-05 18:34:52

There's now a petition to sign if you'd like to support the campaign.

legislation to end discrimination against mothers who breastfeed in public

I passed on your comments about the homepage image - and they've changed it

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