3 day old baby gone from calm to crying all the time before and after feeds - is this to do with milk coming in?

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ELB1 Mon 17-Nov-08 22:12:41

I think my milk has started to come in - breastsre feeling bigger and a bit tender. this started last night.
Up to now, my new born (3 days old) has been very calm and settled, but since last night has been sick a couple of times, but more concerning has started to really scream for a feed, then scream as soon as she has stopped (she has been feeding about every 2 - 3 hours, and about 15 - 20 minutes on each side or if she goes longer i.e. about 30 - 40 minutes on one side I don't offer the other). I am putting it down to wind as she is very wriggly and looks very uncomfortable - and I have had some success at getting burps and she seems to be farting a lot (had lots of poo today too).
She will not be put down though - and i am not looking forward to the night ahead if DH and I have to take it in turns to hold her all night.
any thoughts - advice - do I just ride through it?

nigglewiggle Mon 17-Nov-08 22:19:31

Sounds a bit like colic? Presumably you are still being visited by MW. Discuss it with them and hopefully you will get some help and support. It's a tricky time because your hormones will be all over the place as well.

Congratulations by the way smile

funnypeculiar Mon 17-Nov-08 22:20:01

Congratulations on your lo smile

Bumping for someone more expert on feeding for you, but in the iterim, wind sounds like a very sensible idea - lots of burping, and try out some different positions to see what works best for you.
They are horribly unpredictable at this stage, I'm afraid ...

gigglewitch Mon 17-Nov-08 22:29:23

When my milk came in with mine, the babies screamed because they couldn't cope with the speed of it - i was pretty much drowning them blush as it was coming out at fairly high pressure and they were finding it difficult. Until things balanced out over the next few days, I found it was worth expressing an ounce / couple of ounces, sticking it in the freezer for later, just so that the poor baby wasn't having to gargle!!

kathryn2804 Mon 17-Nov-08 22:48:55

You should always offer the other breast, even if she feeds for 30-40mins. You can't over-feed a breastfed baby, if she doesn't want it she won't take it.

Can you try to catch her feeding cues BEFORE she gets desperate and crying. Headbutting, sucking hand, licking lips, latching on to anything in sight. It will a much more pleasurable experience if you feed her before she gets hysterical.

Skin-to-skin will help a lot. Strip her down to just her nappy and put her down your top, or on your bare chest and cover with a blanket. When she's ready to feed she'll start snuffle and rooting. Gently guide her to the breast and she should feed really nicely. Skin-to-skin keeps baby calm and mummy calm as it encourages all the love and bonding horones and also the milk producing ones!!

gagarin Mon 17-Nov-08 22:54:04

It could be that now she has expereicned a "full tummy" she is properly hungry before a feed and so is yelling.

IMO before the milk comes in babies don't necessarily know what they are missing so can be (not always!) a bit more placid.

But once the flow starts they finally know what they have been waiting for!

I agree with kathryn - try and start a feed before she starts yelling, while she's still sleepy even.

heather1980 Tue 18-Nov-08 10:45:28

i had this. my ds is 4 weeks and found that it's best to catch him before he gets starving hungry. i found that if i stroke his cheek and he turns his head towards my hand he's ready for a feed. i always offer both sides as well, even if he doesn't take them, just so i don't end up with lop sided boobs.
he doesn't like to be put down either and we've only just got there in the day. he refuses to sleep in the moses basket though so we've ended up co-sleeping for now and will tackle that in a few weeks. i have found my sling the best baby purchase by far.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Tue 18-Nov-08 17:41:03

my ds was exactly the same, then milk properly came through and it was much easier - i think he was just so hungry, good luck - we're in our 3rd week and every day is different!

TinkerBellesMum Tue 18-Nov-08 17:47:13

How are you feeling? If it's day three are you being hit by the Day Three Blues? I'm just wondering if she's picking up on your mood.

doggiesayswoof Tue 18-Nov-08 17:52:56

Echo what kathryn says. I would always offer the other breast even after a long feed on the first.

IME if they are really hungry they may gulp down more air = more wind and discomfort.

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