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How do I wean 11 months old ds if he does not drink from bottle/beaker etc?

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Booklover Tue 15-Mar-05 20:43:21

My ds is on 1 bf a day now and I would like to stop bf completely. But he only drinks tiny amounts of water from a cup (usually refuses bottle and beaker) and although I give him lots of milk in his food (with cereal, cheese, yoghurt etc) I still wonder if this is enough for him? Is he getting all the benefits he should if I stop bf altogether or is it possible that he will suffer from dehydration? Would appreciate your advise as I am getting really worried!

Kate32 Tue 15-Mar-05 21:09:26

Hi - I think I have read somewhere that babies under 1 should have about a pint of milk a day, but as long as he's putting on healthy amount of weight I shouldnt worry too much. Was interested in your thread as I am trying to get my little one to start taking from a beaker, but she's having none of it - the little monkey I have tried the Avent Magic Cup & a Tommee Tippee, but neither seem to take her fancy - She is off to nursery in 5 weeks time (aarrgghhh!!!) and although only 4 1/2 mths old dont want her to still be drinking from a bottle for every feed! Any tips????

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