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My boobs are soooo much smaller!

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likessleep Sun 16-Nov-08 19:33:00

I gave up breastfeeding a couple of months ago, after 11 months of feeding DS.
I knew that feeding would affect the look of my breasts, but they are now an 'A' cup (used to be B/C) and I assume this is permanent? Also, if I feed any future children, are they likely to shrink more? sad
I know quite an unimportant question, but just trying to manage my expectatations here. Any other experiences/tales very welcome.
Thanks muchly!

duchesse Wed 19-Nov-08 14:58:11

I went from C to A (gutted!) after 5 years breastfeeding, and then back to a C after a couple of years. Courage, they will improve.

RamblingRosa Wed 19-Nov-08 14:59:21

I agree. a good bra works wonders. In fact, even though my breasts look crap, I'm so delighted to get reacquainted with my lovely lingerie collection and chuck out my horrid old breastfeeding bras, I can almost deal with the deflated balloon look!
A good uplifting balconnette is definitely the way forward rather than a bra that squishes them together (like a wonderbra).

Bramshott Wed 19-Nov-08 15:02:24

I was a 32B before babies and bf, now a marvellous 32C - hurrah! Okay, I have to lift them in, but hey . . .!

tiredandgrumpy Wed 19-Nov-08 15:03:25

Mine have never been enormous, but were at least noticeable before dc. Now I've bf both dc (dd to 23 months), they have shrunk to even less. I loved having a cleavage whilst pg/bf and am looking forward to regaining a womanly figure should I ever decide to go for dc3.

Would love to know how people manage to get bigger after bf. Any hints/tips greatly appreciated.

Egg Wed 19-Nov-08 15:05:40

I bf DS1 for 4 months, I stopped well over two years ago. Attempted for a few days to bf DTs in Jan this year but never really succeeded. Boobs used to be 32D, are now something like 32Bandahalf...

I miss them. They have not grown back at all since stopping bf sad. And one is smaller than the other after feeding more on one side sad sad.

duchesse Wed 19-Nov-08 15:06:06

Most of your breast as I understand is fat, which is used up during breastfeeding (not sure about changes in size due to pregnancy which I thought were due to hormones getting milk ducts ready...). After you stop breastfeeding, you start to redeposit fat in your breasts, and bingo! gain cup sizes.

jujumaman Wed 19-Nov-08 16:53:23

Think outcomes vary and it all depends on what kind of body you have, I lost masses of weight bfing and have never put it back on. I know others have the opposite problem. I'd love to regain a few pounds just to have norks again ...

annieapple7 Wed 19-Nov-08 19:53:58

I recommend getting properly measured for a new bra. I always thought I was a 36C. After BFing 3 children my boobs are the same size, but lacking filling. I didn't want to get measured and was also frightened to lose any more weight, because I thought I would end up a 36A. My boobs are always the first to go when I diet!
But I did go and get measured and guess what - I was actually a 32E! I couldn't believe it, but the bra defintely fitted better, and better still, really showed my norks off to their best advantage. It made such a difference to how they looked.

But the real difference is what it did to me mentally. My boobs are obviously the same size, but because they are now an E cup, I love them more, and, when I lose more weight, even if they end up a 34C/32C- that sounds alright!

MrsFiddleback Wed 19-Nov-08 22:04:45

Panic not! I breast fed all my 5 children.

After all that, my boobs returned to their former opulence. I am now back to 32D - the same as before I began.

Vronsky Wed 19-Nov-08 22:08:46

Message withdrawn

cheesesarnie Wed 19-Nov-08 22:17:02

pre dc i was 32b which i thought was too small.i only fed first and third dc for about 6 weeks 32a or aasad.i go for padded or gel bras but as vronsky said-its when the clothesare off!

any tips on best bras for littler ladies?

but im healthysmile

RaggedRobin Wed 19-Nov-08 23:09:44

i'm praying to the boob fairy for shrinkage!
went from 36C to 38K shock when pregnant with ds and have been all sizes in between - i could open a bra shop.

still bfing dd and would be delighted to return to normal (or smaller!!!!) when i stop.

ninja Thu 20-Nov-08 12:58:03

I bf for 23 months and they were the same after as they'd been before

TCsMummy Thu 20-Nov-08 13:42:15

32 B/C before pregnancy. Up to 36C during, then 32DD while breastfeeding which was great - I looked like Lara Croft but sadly with terrible skin sad. Stopped at about 10 months. 18 months later I'm back at 32A/B and I think this is where I'm staying as I'm back at pre-pregnancy weight. Sadly that Marc Jacobs dress that needs a cleavage is going to stay in the wardrobe for ever now.

Greenfrog Thu 20-Nov-08 13:45:28

I breastfed for for 18 months then a year with DD number two - and went from 32B to 32D.

The important thing is breastfeeding (if you can) - and not worrying about breast size in either direction! smile

lufloo Thu 20-Nov-08 14:56:06

I breastfed all 3 of mine. Was dd before adn am ff now. saggy though - underwiring essential lol grin

higgle Thu 20-Nov-08 16:01:29

I couldn't breastfeed my sons so am much as I used to be in nork department, however with first pregnancy rib cage expanded quite a lot, so now 36 instead of 34 and I can't even think about strapless dresses, will not do up unless far too large everywhere else. Has this happened to oanyone else?

mamaberta Thu 20-Nov-08 16:36:16

I think it's been said before but perhaps not everyone saw the post - pregnancy makes your norks saggy because they expand in preparation for breastfeeding, regardless of whether you do it or not. Mine are saggier post second baby but then plenty of mums I know who did not breastfeed complain of the same thing, especially after having more than one child. I think this is one of those slightly harmful myths about breastfeeding which needs squashing. You do not have to be a martyr to breastfeed. To be honest, if you are really worried about your body shape then don't get pregnant because that is the bit that is tough on your body. On the plus side breastfeeding will reduce your chances of getting breast cancer (and a bunch of other health benefits for mothers too smile)

OzzieKat Thu 20-Nov-08 22:39:18

I BF two kids for two years each...
Pre pg 32 DD
Post 32/30 G
Yes each cup makes a hat ;p
I deliberately carry an extra 5kg on my hips so I don't topple over!

(returned to Oz last month after 10yrs in London)

ja9 Thu 20-Nov-08 22:48:00

bf 2 dc for about 18mo each.

had reason to wear my wedding underwear recently and was bulging out of it at every stitch... apart from the cups which looked less than half full sad

vInTaGeVioLeNcE Sat 22-Nov-08 13:30:11

sorry short on time so sorry if anyone else said this - apparently it's not breastfeeding that changes your breasts it's being pregnant.
i have 2 dc and b/f both - i'm a 38dd so am bigger than before last dc {stopped feeding 2yrs ago} and size has stayed the same. they are not as perky but tbh i've never had very perky ones!

a push up bra works wonders! i always buy good quality bra's - expensive but last well.

maternal Wed 26-Nov-08 21:34:08

Hi, thought I'd share my experience of reasonably satisfactory outcome boob-wise after fairly putting them through their paces!

I bf ds1 for 2-and-a-half years then he stopped of his own accord while I was pg with ds2. This left around a 3-month gap before bf ds2 for around 4 years though it was light usage in later stages!!

I was a 34A before all this and now (about a year after finishing) I've ended up as a 34 B/C depending on bra type. Clothes size reverted to a 12, but only after quite a while of being very much more rounded and big. Bras now a much appreciated bit of kit but not disastrous to be seen in a sun top without one underneath.

Idonthaveenoughtime Thu 25-Apr-13 11:34:44

Before breastfeeding I was a 34 b/c and during breastfeeding went up to a D cup over the 15 months I breastfed. When I stopped my breasts looked wrinkly, a bit flat and deflated and were a A or small B. I was naturally very upset about this but decided to live with it as I'm not interested in surgery.
4 Years on I began to notice that my bras were getting uncomfortable so went to get measured. I had accepted that I had small breasts and I suppose it's a bit like somebody with anorexia always seeing a bigger person than they are in the mirror (or in my case, smaller) because I was surprised that at some point in the last four years I've gone up to a 34C, also, no sagging at all, no wrinkles.
I weigh exactly the same as I did pre-pregnancy so weight gain is not a factor.
Presumably my body has redistributed some fat and my breasts have filled back up over time, thank goodness as I'm considering having a another one!
I would assume that this is probably going to be the case for a lot of women.

tiktok Thu 25-Apr-13 11:46:42

Zombie thread from 2008 smile smile

nelliebgoode Sat 02-Nov-13 16:09:32

First post BF mega-bonk and my bazumas were flailing about in pre preg Agent Prov. bra like fish in a bucket. Misery. Still, TGFMN, don't feel such a freakazoid now.

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