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My boobs are soooo much smaller!

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likessleep Sun 16-Nov-08 19:33:00

I gave up breastfeeding a couple of months ago, after 11 months of feeding DS.
I knew that feeding would affect the look of my breasts, but they are now an 'A' cup (used to be B/C) and I assume this is permanent? Also, if I feed any future children, are they likely to shrink more? sad
I know quite an unimportant question, but just trying to manage my expectatations here. Any other experiences/tales very welcome.
Thanks muchly!

notnowbernard Sun 16-Nov-08 19:34:30

36DD pre-dc

36C post-bf

And a decent bra an essential item

likessleep Sun 16-Nov-08 19:40:26

Hmmm, notnow, have you more than one child? If so, did they shrink more each time?
Thanks for responding.
My nipples also now point outwards to the side and up a bit (sorry if tmi!). I guess cos I always pretty much used the cradle position to feed him. I guess these will stay as they are now too.
<Ponders for her pre-pregnancy figure>

notnowbernard Sun 16-Nov-08 19:47:54

2 dc

Don't think they've shrunk anymore since dd2

But then my whole body shape has changed

Boobs are kind of semi-deflated balloon looking and require a lot of tethering

Horton Sun 16-Nov-08 19:51:23

Hi, I found my breasts shrank a bit directly after giving up BF but they are now larger than they ever were before and I rather like them. I think they recover a bit - does take a few months, though!

notnowbernard Sun 16-Nov-08 19:52:34

Stopped bf dd2 about a year ago

AbricotsSecs Sun 16-Nov-08 19:53:11

Message withdrawn

isaidno Sun 16-Nov-08 19:53:52

horton is right - they do recover a bit, with patience!

Mine were a cup before bf; couldn't really get any smaller!!

Now bf number 3!

AbricotsSecs Sun 16-Nov-08 19:54:02

Message withdrawn

LaTrucha Sun 16-Nov-08 19:55:41

Hmmm .. interesting question. I'm shortly going to wean DD. I wore a 32D before getting pg and have been a 36F since her birth. I wonder what to expect?

zoggs Sun 16-Nov-08 20:10:42

I started as a D cup went up 1 or 2 cup sizes with each pregnancy and each BF baby (3 in total) and am now a 30HH. It is NOT a pretty sight. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. I would love a bit of shrinkage.

likessleep Sun 16-Nov-08 20:46:06

thank you for all of your responses. you have given me hope! deflated balloon looking is so right, they just feel so empty! all of my old bras have huge gaps now between my boobs and the bra. well, give me a few months and maybe i'll make my way to a b cup again (or maybe i'll use it as a way of convincing dh for dc2 grin)
thank you so much

Horton Sun 16-Nov-08 21:58:55

I was a 28E before getting pregnant. Am now approx a 30F, so a little larger in all directions. I breastfed to 14 months and my breasts are pretty much the same shape they were before I started, just a bit bigger, although I definitely went through a saggy tiny phase! I'm not significantly fatter, either, just bigger-breasted which I'm quite pleased about as they have always been quite small!

Horton Sun 16-Nov-08 22:00:36

DD 2.2 now, to give you some idea. I think my breasts were back to normal about three or four months after stopping breastfeeding. Either that or I couldn't be bothered to worry about it any more! grin

yomellamoHelly Sun 16-Nov-08 22:13:25

Have bf twice and particularly after ds2 they looked awful for 6 months or so after I stopped. Both times they did go back to what they were in the end.

girlandboy Sun 16-Nov-08 22:17:13

Bf both dc's for 18 months each.

Boobs were smaller and softer after I finished. Was a 34b before, now a 34dd!!!

And they're perky again!grin

likessleep Mon 17-Nov-08 11:07:53


hanaflower Mon 17-Nov-08 13:05:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alexa808 Tue 18-Nov-08 06:35:02

Hana: the same happened to my Mum.

Can I ask a really stupid question ladies: just why do they actually go all saggy and deflated? Is it the stretching with milk or the hormones or what? [stupid emoticon, sry]

Wisknit Tue 18-Nov-08 09:20:00

It's pregnancy that causes boobs to stretch and sag, not breastfeeding. There was quite a good article about it that I have packed away somewhere.

Wisknit Tue 18-Nov-08 09:21:06

So, yes: they've actually done research into whether it is pregnancy or BF that makes your boobs sag hmm

jennifersofia Tue 18-Nov-08 12:18:37

I noticed particularly after dd2 the 'balloon' effect, and had gone down a size. I fed both for a year each and had lost some weight after dd2. Now currently feeding dd3, and although things are okay atm, I can tell that it will revert to sad and saggy! I did have a joke with dh that 3rd child=breast job, but I haven't made good on it.

(btw, I do recommend Rigby and Peller in London for a fitting if you can get there - they are fabulous and not at all fazed by any sort of shape or size!)

expatinscotland Tue 18-Nov-08 12:19:43

mine are, too, after feeding DD2. but i love it.

they're a B cup now.

less to sag.

jujumaman Tue 18-Nov-08 12:22:16

Your pain is my pain, OP

I was a 32C before dd1. BF her for 13 months and smugly stayed the same. DD2, disaster struck. BF her for the same amount of time and am now probably a 32A, though am too chicken to get measured and hear the awful truth. So many of my old clothes look weird on me now. I've realised I relied on having a cleavage and now I'm flat as a board. It's happned to loads of my friends too and my mum.

And btw I'd bf another child and have absolutely no regrets about my choice but I'm a bit hmm that pregnancy does this rather than bfing. Pregnancy may cause norks to stretch and sag but surely it's bfing that makes them deflate like old balloons? If a bottle feeder with shrunken norks can come on to say otherwise I'd be v interested.

CatchaStar Tue 18-Nov-08 13:13:11

Was a 36B before I had my daughter, they didn't get any bigger when I was pregnant though. When my milk came in they shot up to a 36D, breastfed for 7 weeks and am now a 36C.

So they shrunk slighty after stopping bf but have remained a cup bigger than I was before have dd.

They aren't as 'pert' as before though, but not big enough to really sag lol!

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