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20 month old no longer wants formula or cows milk?

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Jzee Tue 15-Mar-05 13:31:53

My little boy is now drinking from a cup and no longer wants his milk (formula) in his bottle or cup and he also refuses cows milk. I would like him to drink cows milk although right now this seems impossible any ideas on how I can get him interested?

maomao Tue 15-Mar-05 13:42:19

Could you just avoid giving him cow's milk for now, and try again a little later on? It's just that the more you press it, the bigger an issue it may become. You could try giving him calcium in other ways, like yoghurts, cheeses, leafy greens and beans.

PrettyCandles Tue 15-Mar-05 13:57:59

Yogurt & cheese for calcium and fat, leafy greens, seeds and beans for calcium. You could also try milkshakes or smoothies (I do 1 pear, 1 banana, a splash of vanilla and several sccops of formula whizzed up together and only then thin it down to the right consistency with water if needed). Above all, don't fuss about the milk intake, or pressure him to drink any, as that's the best way to put him off it completely. It may just be a blip in any case.

PrettyCandles Tue 15-Mar-05 13:58:49

BTW 1 pear + 1 banana etc makes smoothie for two children.

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