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Medela Pump in Style breast pump - Anyone used one?

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charleypops Sun 13-Mar-05 21:18:22

charleypops on Sunday, 13 March, 2005 9:11:30 PM

How did you get on with it?

These are they.

I think you can only get them in the USA (they are not listed on the Medela UK website, and I'm waiting for a reply from them).
I would like to know if they are compatible with the UK electricity supply. I know I'd have to use an adaptor. They don't do one themselves.

Thank you!

starlover Sun 13-Mar-05 21:22:42

I haven't used it, but I did hire one like they had in the hospital here which was fab!
that was a medela single electric pump...

chatee Sun 13-Mar-05 21:24:50

i had the lactina breast pump the double kit and loved it.....was sad when it went back but had a good supply in the freezer

Ags Sun 13-Mar-05 21:27:16

I used the medela single electric pump and apart from the obvious similiarities to watching cows being milked by machine when I was a kid visiting a friend's farm, it was fine. Easy to use and clean.

charleypops Sun 13-Mar-05 21:37:09

I can imagine Ags!

I need to hit the ground running with this though because I had a breast reduction many years ago so need to get prepared and organised with the best pump I can. I'll be so upset if I can't feed my (first, due in June) baby, at least for a few weeks.

I will hire one from the hospital if I discover the ones from the usa won't work over here, but I think I'd rather have my own portable one that I can take away with me.

motherinferior Sun 13-Mar-05 21:37:27

I think you can get them here (or at least I was sent one as part of a batch of breast pumps to test a year ago) and I've tested it. Personally I was not hog-whimperingly wild about it; I prefered the Ameda Lactaline double-pump, which is much cheaper as well.

motherinferior Sun 13-Mar-05 21:38:51

This is what I thought:
This model is possibly appropriate for office use, because it’s discreetly packed away in its bag and easy to carry around – although it emits the same loud whine as the other Medela electric model. It does take up a lot of room, though.

It’s simple to put the electric double pump together, and there aren’t many bits to deal with or clean. The suction action, which has an ‘in and out’ motion to simulate a baby’s suck, has two controls one to adjust the strength of suction, the other to adjust the frequency. Like other double pumps, it’s quite hard to work the controls while holding both bottles, but there’s probably no way round this. However, because the bottles aren’t sealed the edges can rub against the user’s hands, which isn’t terribly comfortable, and the shields are also the rigid type. And for some reason it seemed rather less effective than the single-breast model.

motherinferior Sun 13-Mar-05 21:44:33

Charleypops, the hospital model is probably an Ameda, and the Lactaline is a home version of that - a bit weedier but I still rated it.

Do CAT me if you want to!

Carla Sun 13-Mar-05 21:44:37

Don't know anything about them, but John Bell & Croydon, in Wigmore Street, London W1 will be able to enlighten you. You can get most things there, unfortunately no website.

charleypops Sun 13-Mar-05 21:47:26

Thanks for that MI. That is interesting. How did you rate their unique "let down" phase? This might be just on the later "advanced" models though (there's a special button), so you might not have tried that one. I have been looking at this one because I read that it was the best one you could buy below the hospital-grade ones. You can get them through ebay in the usa for less than £100, which I don't mind paying, if they're good.

I'll have a look for the Lactaline you liked. Need to get it right because I have overly sensitive boobs as it is, so need to be comfortable.

charleypops Sun 13-Mar-05 21:50:58

crossed posts MI - thanks, I'll do a bit of research on the Ameda before I bother you with a CAT.

Thanks Carla - I'll give them a ring tomorrow

motherinferior Sun 13-Mar-05 21:52:45

Oh no, I got a whole load of bumph including a DVD IRCC about the let-down, which again IRCC didn't add up to all that much. Bear in mind that this is just my view, obviously, but I think you might do worse than hiring a hospital-type one for the 30-day period and then considering buying the slightly less effective home model. I have to say the hire model was totally fantastic and I delayed sending it back as long as I could!

I do have a life, honestly, I'm not just totally obsessed with breast pumps.

sanchpanch Sun 13-Mar-05 21:55:50

when i had my first baby, i hired a fantastic breast pump from the NCT, not sure weather they still offer this service, but the pump was fantastic,

motherinferior Sun 13-Mar-05 21:57:43

That would be the Ameda hosp version again.

charleypops Sun 13-Mar-05 22:03:52

Well I feel less frantic knowing that hiring a really great one is possible. How much are they to hire?

MI - I always get obsessed with things like this - I have to know all about the options/pros and cons of practically anything I buy (from prams to mascara) It's such a chore!

motherinferior Sun 13-Mar-05 22:04:30

Go on, CAT me, I'll send you my whole review and you'll realise there are models on the market you never imagined.

charleypops Sun 13-Mar-05 22:14:28

Ok MI - I'll do it now. I'm strangley excited at the prospect of discovering the unimaginable

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