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Flossam Sat 12-Mar-05 10:23:21

(world health organisation) Know what they are talking about. Hence the name. I'm fed up of seeing people contradicting what they say! They provide the most up to date and accurate research to guide and as an ideal aim for how the health of the whole world should be cared for. Whinge over.

bobbybob Sun 13-Mar-05 05:02:30

My mum reckons that they have "their own agenda" (need confused emoticon). I have no idea what she means.

Funny that the word "World" normally means first world, except for this organisation where it is assumed to be just the "Third World" that they are interested in.

I just get annoyed when I quote WHO (usually to defend myself against people who think bfing a 2 year old is depraved) and then they say "well, I think people should just do what they think is best". I kind of look at them like - "Well why don't you let me then?"

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