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Breastfeeding - the aftermath

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bloss Tue 04-Mar-03 23:02:11

Message withdrawn

zebra Tue 04-Mar-03 23:20:27

I kind of doubt you can exactly blame it on b'feeding -- these things can happen for other reasons. Maybe if you gained weight they would sag more...??

Isn't your hubby delighted??

bloss Wed 05-Mar-03 00:27:06

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Wed 05-Mar-03 07:50:24

I fed for just over 2 years out of the last 4 and stopped 10 months ago. They still appear to be "on high beam" as you say.

Jimjams Wed 05-Mar-03 11:59:37

ditto bloss and yes it is the bfeeding. ds1 fed only on the right boob for a year after which my nipples were somewhat lopsided. after a year of feeding ds2 on both sides they've kind of evened out....

Kyliebump Wed 05-Mar-03 12:24:32

Bloss - I have the same problem and I hate it too!! I haven't been able to get those padded bras in my cup - around a 38D/DD - they only seem to go up to C cup. Does anyone know somewhere that does them in larger cup sizes? At the moment I am wearing layers of clothes so they don't show too much, but would love the freedom of not having to worry about it, and am dreading t-shirt season!!

Bobbins Wed 05-Mar-03 12:28:37

I gave up bf'ing around this time last pear and I have noticed mine are much more pert. I'm afraid for me it was a very welcome change as previously they were almost always somwewhat flaccid. Please don't tell me it goes after a while!

zebra Wed 05-Mar-03 12:31:06

I reckoned if the boob sagged more the nips might, too? What an interesting problem; like I said, I imagine most men would prefer it.

Bobbins Wed 05-Mar-03 12:43:10

I have saggy stretch marked boobs, but slightly darker than pre bf'ng, pert nips. DP just thinks they have become more responsive. For me its an unexpected consolation. I expect if they were more like small pencils I would find it a real pain, but it is nowhere near that pronounced as mine had much further to go.

Sympathies if its causing you problems. Just wanted you to know that it seems it is quite common.

mears Wed 05-Mar-03 14:45:53

I think you will find that they will revert to pre breastfeeding after time. I B?F 4 babies and my breast size and nipple shape is the same as prior ts startnd having a family. I can't remember when they became totally 'normal' but it did take probably a year for the fatty tissue to be replaced. Initially after stopping feeding I remember how 'empty' my breasts felt. My youngest dd is now 9 years and my nipples are almost virgin likse in appearance

Bobbins Wed 05-Mar-03 15:14:47

mears> but I want to keep THESE nipples

Bobbins Wed 05-Mar-03 15:36:20

I hope at least the darker colour stays. Previously the colour of mine was almost indistinguishable from the surrounding skin.

tiktok Wed 05-Mar-03 22:13:08

The darker colour has stayed with me - before kids my nipples were like two little dabs of pink paint, and now they are noticeably darker. Never noticed a high beam effect....

Jimjams Thu 06-Mar-03 21:52:10

kyliebump could you use washable breast pads???? Silk ones are quite thin, cotton ones thicker.

SofiaAmes Thu 06-Mar-03 22:48:56

Kyliebump, I think M&S do them. Try their own brand range (the ones in the boxes). During my first pregnancy my nipples hurt like hell and the only thing that helped was those slightly padded bras. I'm pretty sure I got mine at M&S and it was definitely a 38D.

Cha Fri 07-Mar-03 15:41:25

Just to add to the rest - breastfed for 13 months and my nipps are definitely always sticking out, like they are immersed in a loch in mid winter. I don't particularly mind the permanently erect look, though they are less sensitive than before. In fact, I don't like them being touched at all now, they seem no longer to be sexy . The same is not true for my dp though. Poor man.

SoupDragon Fri 07-Mar-03 15:51:40

So, Cha, do you often immerse your nipples in a loch in mid winter?

Cha Mon 10-Mar-03 15:58:16

oooh yes, whenever I get the chance...

stoo Mon 17-Mar-03 13:46:41

I've just stopped bfeeding after 13 months and my boobs hurt like hell! You lot have depressed me now coz I was hoping the "wine gum" nipple look would go once they emptied!

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