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what are signs of reflux?

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kookiegoddess Mon 03-Nov-08 15:51:26

typing fast as baby just down and may wake again.

DD is 6 weeks, always made a lot of honky/nasal noises, I thought just from mucus after being in womb, but this hasn't changed. Sounds to me like blocked sinuses or sinuses affected in someway. She always gets hiccups after being put down after a feed.

DD also gags alot, sick after every feed (usually in sleep) and this is always curdled rather than milk coming straight back up.

few days ago she was gave a high pitched cry inher sleep, puked up quite a bit, cried again, puked again then went straight back to sleep.

Just put her down after winding, awake, to swaddle her, and she gagged and something obviously came up into her mouth, she made a face like it tasted gross.

Also her feeds take ages. We top up with formula at the mo but that's a whole other story.

What do I do. I have doc apptmt on Weds to ask about this but wanted to hear from you too.

And she's awake again. sigh.

Nbg Mon 03-Nov-08 15:58:48

Yes, it does sound like Reflux.
The face she pulled is probably the acid that she's bringing up too.

Dr's usually start off with prescribing infant Gaviscon and just monitoring how you go with it.
There are other medications that they can be given. Ranitidine is one of them.

They also may give you the option of trying a formula called Enfamil and another one whose names slips my mind atm.
Its alot thicker than normal formula so it stays down a little better than breast milk or normal formula.
We used this for my ds1. He had horrendous Reflux and vomited at every feed without fail.
He was refered to a paed and she said she would prescibe the Rantidine for us but we wanted to try without it (I'm not a big lover of any medication), so we just stuck to the Enfamil and it reduced the amount of times he vomited.

There are other things you can do such as keeping her upright after feeds, tilting her cot/moses basket at night etc.

kookiegoddess Mon 03-Nov-08 16:33:02

is formula good or bad for it?

Nbg Mon 03-Nov-08 17:00:45

Do you mean normal formula?
If so, I don't think it makes a difference tbh.
My ds breast fed as soon as he was born and was vomiting from then on.
He wouldn't latch on and when he did and start to feed, he would scream and then vomit up anything he did take. The same went for formula too.
It wasn't until we swithced to Enfamil that we saw improvement.

But everyones different. It may not be for you.

Ran15 Mon 03-Nov-08 17:29:13

Hi new to mumsnet.

My son has a cleft palate and they think he has silent reflux as he pushes his head back and goes rigid during feeds. We have tried Gaviscon and it got a little better but have not given it to him for a couple of days and seems to have come back again. He takes about 45 mins to an hour to feed also. Can you buy Enfamil over the counter?

Nbg Mon 03-Nov-08 18:54:12

No, Enfamil has to be prescribed by your GP.
We used to get about 5 cans to start with and in the end when he was older and having full 8oz bottles, we were getting 16 at one time grin

Nutramil is the name of the other formula.

likessleep Mon 03-Nov-08 20:01:10

my ds had reflux when he was younger.
are you holding upright for 20 mins after each feed? we used to wind for ages, because he also seemed very windy (i think it is all related tbh).
keep pushing for meds, they are out there. sometimes doctors are a little reluctant to prescribe, as reflux is a 'normal maturation process' that all babies go through (but for some it is a few days, for others is much longer).
having a reflux baby is very hard and some days are much harder than others. but you will find ways to cope and the different strategies you have will help.
my 1 year old is now a happy and smily boy who is never sick. reflux doesn't seem to have any lasting effects and they do grow out of it.
all the best - good luck with your gp x

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