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Windy bf baby, is it something i am eating?

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stickybean Mon 03-Nov-08 11:48:04

Hi there,

My baby girl is 10 weeks old and bf which is going fine.
So far i have been extremely lucky with her sleep and she would sleep from about midnight 'till 7am.
In the last few nights she has started waking at around 4, not hungry but i think with a tummy ache, lots of raising her knees, kicking and farting. It takes her about 2 hours to fall back to sleep properly although will doze on and off, as in for literally a min or two

It isn't the waking up that bothers me (although obviously i prefer it when she sleeps through!) I am wondering why this new windy bottom has suddenly started.

Are there any foods i should avoid? My diet isn't amazing but isn't shocking either. Probably too much chocolate and too much bread (esp this weekend) if i had to pinpoint something.
Any ideas? What foods are best avoided?
Should i give infacol before last feed?

Any advice gratefully received!

deaconblue Mon 03-Nov-08 12:01:45

My dd is really farty too. I find that I'm best to avoid garlic, spicy foods and fizzy drinks but I think that probably the correct answer is that what you eat wouldn't affect your milk. If she is anything like my dd there will be no way of guessing what wakes her and what doesn't. Dd slept 13 hour stints from 15 weeks to about 21 weeks and since then has woken at least twice a night - absolutely no idea why.

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