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Breastfeeding - when did it get easier?

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Blondeinlondon Fri 11-Mar-05 09:57:27

Hello all

Was there a magic time at which breastfeeding suddenly got easier for you?
DS is 3 weeks old tomorrow and I am finding it tough going. Also not at all happy with the idea of feeding in public as I cannot see how I will manage it without getting my whole boob out

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 10:00:38

all of a sudden you will wonder what you were so anxious about, say in a couple of weeks (IME)

and as for bf in public, you will be such an expert soon no-one will even notice! dont stay in the house just cos you are so worried about bf in public, dont let it hold you back, be bold

it is hard the first mth, but you will be fine. i had a nightmare, but it all just clicked into place before i even realised

in what way are you finding it tough?

Ameriscot2005 Fri 11-Mar-05 10:02:10

What are you finding tough? Is it painful? Does it take too long? Are you exhausted?

As for BFIP, can you sit in front of a mirror and see what others might see? I found that baggy, light-weight clothes where the way to go. You should not need to be exposed at all while DS is actually feeding - but there might be a quick flash as you are latching. If so, then you can figure out ways of coping with this - again by practicing in front of the mirror.

misdee Fri 11-Mar-05 10:02:41

t-shirts are easier for breastfeeding in rather than shirts. just unhook bra, lift up top and pop baby on. or use a shawl/blanket draped on one side to cover up that boobs so no flesh can be seen by others if your worried. but ithink my nipples have been seen by others as the kids tend to pop off the boob at times.

Flossam Fri 11-Mar-05 10:04:15

I think it did take around a month, for it to really stop feeling sore, and for me to feel things were going better.

As for feeding in public, I'd rather get them out in public instead of some family! Have you thought of wearing two layers? Then one layer can lift up, one can pull down and people would really have to look over you for them to see any boob at all. I was nervous about it, but to have any sort of life needs must! Good luck.

PiccadillyCircus Fri 11-Mar-05 10:06:05

I found that about 4 weeks was my worst time, but by 6 weeks it was fine.

I think I got a bit lazy about positioning and so got really sore nipples, but was very determined and was so glad that I kept going.

Hope it gets better for you and DS very soon.

dropinthe Fri 11-Mar-05 10:17:08

It really does get easier-the first four weeks are always hell-as to the public thing-never where a shirt-t shirts are best and maybe for the first few times you go out feed in toilets/feeding rooms if somewhere like a shopping centre.Once you are sitting down with baby well tucked across your belly mainly under you tshirt and maybe a blanket or something to cover any other exposed areas no one will even notice you-probably just other mums who know what your doing!!

Waswondering Fri 11-Mar-05 10:25:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chuffed Fri 11-Mar-05 10:29:06

I think it was about 3-4wks. For the public feeding take a pashmina and throw it over your shoulder and tuck the baby uder it and your head if your like me till the baby is latched on properly. If you are in London which it sounds like you are there are fab feeding rooms in John Lewis on Oxford St, Mothercare Bond St, Harrods, H&M Kensington and I have used changing rooms in M&S Covent Garden too until I got confident enough to use the pashmina effectively in cafe's etc.
Good luck, don't let this stop you getting out of the house.

mumsyof4 Fri 11-Mar-05 10:30:11

Hi there,just relax and go with it, im a mum of 4 bf 1 till 3 mths 2 till 4 months 3 till 5 months but the last one I kept it up till she was a year.It gets easier the longer you do it try not to get disheartened on bad days and if anyone stares in public it because they have the problem not you!

sweetkitty Fri 11-Mar-05 10:30:59

Again would echo what others have said stick with it it is a nightmare to begin with but so so easy once you have the hang of it, for me 3 weeks was the roughest time (I remember having breast shells under my bra because I couldn't bear anything touching my nipples)after about 6 weeks it was great.

I was a bit funny about the public feeding to begin with but you can use the babies head to shield yourself and once they are latched you can pull your t-shirt down so no one can see.

LIZS Fri 11-Mar-05 10:31:18

I suddenly realised it was less of an issue at around 5/6 weeks. However also got a bit lazy positioning wise and found myself with a blocked duct at around 7/8 weeks - at self !

I fed ds in baby rooms mainly but it does get easier and you get better at being discreet once they can support themselves. If you want to be super discreet take a light blanket or muslin to drape over your shoulder and babies head -prevents distraction too.

morningpaper Fri 11-Mar-05 10:35:54

I found by 3 weeks I was crying at night and asking DH if he thought we should just go out and buy some SMA. It was miserable. By 6 weeks things were MUCH MUCH easier.

You don't HAVE to feed in public if you don't want to. At first I fed in lots of toilets (nice clean ones!) and changing rooms - Marks and Spencers were always REALLY lovely and let me use their changing rooms whenever I wanted to. Also lots of mother-and-baby rooms. In church I'd sneak into the choir loft. As I got more confident and better at feeding discreetly then I started feeding in public.

Good luck. xxx

Lua Fri 11-Mar-05 11:28:21

Very much agree with all. Was in tears around 3 weeks, ready to give up. Went on to feed DD until she was 16 months and lved it!
I think you need a couple more weeks for you to feel more confortable, but also for baby to become a pro. I think by the time DD was 3 months she she would find the way to the boob on her own... so it made feeding in public much easier!

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 11-Mar-05 11:38:03

About 5 weeks. I used to cry during night feeds - just couldn't do it - DS wouldn't latch on, I was shattered, etc. Then suddenly I realised that it worked - think that DS got a bit bigger, learnt what to do and a subtle positioning change helped too.

Can you get in touch with a breastfeeding counsellor?

As for feeding in public, try sitting in front of a mirror to practise being discreet.

Hugs, hun - it DOES get easier (DS is 11 months and still breastfed).

MissSunshine Fri 11-Mar-05 11:42:14

I had a nightmare time despite of having the great support of the john radcliffe oxford breast feeding clinic,my son just would not latch on right,i literally expressed for the first 5 weeks and tried in between and they we just clicked and happily fed upto 18months

as for thefeeding just used to wear baggy t-shirts and it was fine

softymom Fri 11-Mar-05 11:54:27

It does get easier as you and the baby get more experienced. I called HV in tears when dd was 6 weeks and bf still a problem. She gave me a big pep talk and said it could take 6-8 weeks to establish bf. By 8 weeks I suddenly realized it was okay (I know this sounds like a long time, but it does progressively get better day by day). dd now 13 months and still bf.

I wouldn't worry too much about bf in public. After a couple of months you've fed the baby so many times you (and baby) are so much better at it (so more discreet). Also - the gaps between feeds do get bigger as the baby gets older (dd seemed to feed all the time when 3 weeks!). I used to dash out to shops/library/park inbetween feeds - never away from home more that 1-2 hours. I was relieved when I spoke to a friend who did the same - I think a lot of mums do (which is why you don't see them bf in public). Got more relaxed about the whole thing as time passed.

Good luck and big hugs. It's really tough at the beginning but it does get better/easier with time.

pixiefish Fri 11-Mar-05 12:22:24

It does get better- took me about 6-8 weeks for it to get easier- in the meantime I had 3 lots of mastitis, cracked nipples, all sorts really. Plus I was a bit worried about bfing in public. Went to m local bfing group and saw how others did it. Just lift your top and put baby on. This also becomes easier. If you're shy in the beginning (as I was) then I always made sure that i took her to boots or mothercare to feed her- they've got the rooms there. Or i fed her a lot in the car. Keep at it. Well done you

Eulalia Fri 11-Mar-05 12:27:06

3 weeks is known for being a bad time and a lot of women give up around then. Yes it definately gets easier. Soon baby learns what s/he is doing so latches on better and gets bigger so can suck more effectively. If you've come this far then you'll be fine. Just remember to keep feeding as much as poss to keep your supply going. Another 2/3 weeks and you should be fine.

Blondeinlondon Fri 11-Mar-05 12:27:29

Thanks everyone
I'm getting very sore nips off and on and just feeling exhausted
I went to the bf clinic but despite it being a drop-in no-appt place they were already full and turning people away 15 mins after they opened
I may try to go again but other than attempting to stuff more of my huge breasts (34J) in his tiny mouth I'm not sure what they'll suggest

kama Fri 11-Mar-05 12:31:11

Message withdrawn

kama Fri 11-Mar-05 12:32:04

Message withdrawn

tiktok Fri 11-Mar-05 12:34:45

kama - though a lot of mums are thirstier when they breastfeed, they don't actually have to make a point of drinking water at every feed as a routine....and you don't need to be worried about protein or calcium, either. Nature sorts out good milk, whatever your diet

spagblog Fri 11-Mar-05 12:35:39

2 months of hell
Wanted to give up every day for the first two weeks, 6 week growth spurt almost tipped me over the edge.
DS is 10 months now and I don't want to give up.
It does get easier, but you have to take each day as it comes. DS has tongue tie and couldn't achieve a good latch on. I remember having to bite down on a muslin (glad I spelt that right) to get over the first few moments of each feed.

kama Fri 11-Mar-05 12:36:36

Message withdrawn

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