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Is it only first time mums who attend breastfeeding support groups?

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beatie Fri 11-Mar-05 09:08:09

When I had my dd two years ago, I met a lot of people through a support group.

2-3 years on, I am due with another baby and we are going to be living in a new area. I feel I'd like to know some mums who also have new babies and are breastfeeding but I wondered if all the groups will be full of first time mums and whether they'd welcome me with my 3 year old?

lunavix Fri 11-Mar-05 09:11:33

I'd say it's definately not just first time mums!

What if you had to or chose to bottlefeed with number 1 and were bfing number 2? I'm sure you will be more than welcome

Cristina7 Fri 11-Mar-05 09:13:32

I'll be trying a BF group this time round. My 5 year old will be in school whilst I'm there.

FooFoo Fri 11-Mar-05 20:55:03

Lots of 2nd time mums at my support group

trinityrocks Sat 12-Mar-05 08:51:36

I'm planning on going to our local one when I have my second in 3 wks and I know there is alot of 2nd and 3rd time mums there already

pixiefish Sat 12-Mar-05 09:00:22

lots of toddlers at our group. also 3rd and 4th time mums as well

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