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Anyone use manual breastpump for first baby and then electric for the second?

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beatie Fri 11-Mar-05 09:05:06

I am thinking of buying an electric breastpump for when I have my second baby.

The manual pump worked pretty well for me but it wasn't ideal and at times was time consuming.

Did anyone use a manual pump and then have a better experience with an electric pump?

Cristina7 Fri 11-Mar-05 09:11:47

Try using one in hospital first to see how you get on with it. There are also hire schemes available, the one advertised at the hospital where I had my baby 11 days ago is for £30 a month. I had a manual Mothercare one which I didn't get on with and now have an Avent one which I don't like either. I've hired an electric one from the hospital (while the baby is still in NICU) and that's better. Good luck.

bakedpotato Fri 11-Mar-05 09:15:13

yes -- i had avent manual 1st time. loathed it and got nothing out. this time got medela mini electric from boots for around 40 quid, and it's noisy, but far more productive. easier to clean,too.

beatie Fri 11-Mar-05 09:17:13

Easier to clean too? Oh thank god. I ahted washing and putting back together that aveda manual pump.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 11-Mar-05 09:18:33

I had exactly the opposite experience of baked potato - medela mini electric at first, it worked ok, but too much noise. Then avent manual, which I liked a lot better, as I could control the pressure. Bit harder on the hands, but a lot quieter.

Renting one or trying one first makes sense, but I think the hospital ones are much better quality than the ones you can buy though (at least at a reasonable cost). And quieter.

beatie Fri 11-Mar-05 09:19:47

I used one once, in the hospital. So the medela is noisy? What does it sound like?

bakedpotato Fri 11-Mar-05 09:22:19

quieter would be nice, i admit. you can't watch telly or listen to the radio while expressing which is a PITA. still, at least it has got me reading again (the da vinci code ).
beatie, no kidding, the medela breaks down into three pieces, nothing too fiddly.

bakedpotato Fri 11-Mar-05 09:25:21

less noisy than a magimix, more than an electric toothbrush. doesn't wake up the children, though

NotQuiteCockney Fri 11-Mar-05 09:26:37

Yeah, that seems a fair description of the noise. And it was easier to clean than the Medela manual.

The noise is good if you're doing CC as you can't hear the crying ... and you can control the "pressure", there's a dial, if I remember rightly.

motherinferior Fri 11-Mar-05 09:28:05

You can get a not quite as butch but still pretty butch version of the hospital double pump, it's about £70 from Ameda.

But then I am Daisy the Cow, and managed embarrassing amounts with whatever technology happened to be to hand. It is the one aspect of child-rearing that I have ever managed to feel smug about.

Pamina3 Fri 11-Mar-05 09:39:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

miranda2 Fri 11-Mar-05 09:42:04

Ds2 not born yet, but i used an avent last time, which my sister has now broken, and i have bought a medela for this time - hated not having a free hand last time!

Cristina7 Fri 11-Mar-05 09:48:20

My 5 year old likened the motion of the electric pump to that of a steam train. Lovely. I've been reading around the pumping topic lately and found a figure of 1/2 oz to 2 oz per session (from both breasts) to be the "norm". I was getting worried about the minute amounts I seemed to make.

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