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Stupid Question for Bottlefeeding Mums

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Expectantmum Fri 11-Mar-05 08:14:04

Just wanted to ask bottlefeeding mums how they prepare the feeds. Baby not due for another couple of months but just want to get it sorted in my head (if thats possible !). I know you have to use cooled boiled water for the feeds, but do you (and this is the daft bit!) boil the kettle up and then pour the required amounts straight into the bottles and then leave the bottles of water out to cool and then just mix the formula in as and when necessary? Or do I measure the water into the bottles and put the water straight in the fridge? Also, was thinking it would be a good idea that I know you can use the ready made cartons of formula, does anyone take a bottle and carton to bed and just pour the mixture straight into a bottle when required?

Mum2Ela Fri 11-Mar-05 08:28:03

I bottle fed DD and did what you said - kept the cooled boiled water ready in the bottle (not needed in the fridge) and just added the powder when needed. Bottle wqas then at room temp and didn't need to be warmed. Same for the night. Avent do a little plastic container with 3 sections in for 3 feeds, you put the powder in there.

hth. x

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 08:33:35

i boil the kettle, pour the water into the bottles and when they have cooled down, say an hr later, i make up all the bottles and put them in the fridge. you can keep them for 24 hrs in the fridge. when it comes to warming them i stick them in the microwave (30 secs for half a bottle, up to a minute for a full bottle, or however warm your baby likes her milk.)

i also sometimes do what mum2ela says, depending on how organised i am. for the nightfeeds, i go and pick up baby and cuddle to stop her crying and dh goes downstairs, heats up a bottle while also making me a cup of tea, then he goes back to bed!

for travelling i make a bottle at room temp and put it in an avent bottle bag, keeps them cosy for 4 hrs if you need to go out and about

Expectantmum Fri 11-Mar-05 08:39:16

Excellent ladies and Nailpolish, what en excellent joint effort that is!! Cup of tea? Hope you get a biscuit with that too!

I've brought a microwave steriliser which says if I don't take the lid off, the bottles stay sterile for up to 3 hours, so if I take the bottles out, how can I prepare feeds for 24 hours, cos surely the bottles won't be sterile after that?? Sorry, but I never said I was intelligent!!!!

Hazellnut Fri 11-Mar-05 09:33:35

Expectant Mum I had all these concerns when I had to bottle feed after dd not latching on and had to work these things out as soon as I got out of hospital after a v sressful time so it definitely makes sense to get it all sorted now !

I have an avent microwave steriliser and this is what I do - sterilise the bottles, once ready pour in the boiled water and then leave on side till needed - you can keep them at room temp for about 24 hours (provided no powder has been put in). Then I just add the powder when dd needs feeding so there is no need to then heat them as long as your baby is happy with room temperature. At night we take the bottles of water upstairs with powder measured in one of the plastic containers M2E mentioned so you just have to pop the powder in and you have a feed.

Mind you, am jealous of Nailpolish and her cup of tea - might mention that to dh tonight and see what response I get.......

Cristina7 Fri 11-Mar-05 09:42:48

I think the usual advice is to avoid heating up bottles in the microwave because this can create "hot spots" in the bottle and the child can burn his mouth. We don't have a microwave so haven't tried this, just what I read on the topic. You can warm the bottle in a container with hot water or keeping it and turning it under a hot water tap (if it's got a little milk, otherwise you'd do that for ages).

Judd Fri 11-Mar-05 09:51:10

Hi EM, I boil a kettle full of water before I go to bed for use the next day. In the morning, it's cool so I pour the whole lot into an empty, clean plastic Coke bottle - there is loads so enough for covering "emergencies" - ie. if you want to give baby a drink of water, bathe eyes if they look gunky, if she doesn't take a full feed and you want to make the next one a little bigger. I sterilise the bottles at night time and when they are cool (leave in steriliser until they are) I just put them in the fridge empty. For night feeds, just take your Coke bottle and powder upstairs for use as and when...
Hope that makes sense!

Expectantmum Fri 11-Mar-05 10:01:35

Yes, that all makes wonderful sense, although I feel very stupid for asking, but its not a topic that is covered in books/leaflets etc. I'll definitely try and invest in one of those little feed tubs though, sound marvellous!

Have invested in a bottle warmer, although I think I will try bottles at room temperature first as that could save alot of tears at bedtime!

Really looking forward to being a mum. Although have had movements for some weeks now, I had my first proper "kick" last night, which made all my other problems seem so insignificant, although bubby went all shy when Daddy decided he wanted a feel, and then continued to kick once Daddy had left the room sulking! Boy or girl, I've got baby well trained already!!!!

Nailpolish - I think your DH has set a standard for all the other DHs and for those that don't get this treatment, start demanding it!! he he he

hotmama Fri 11-Mar-05 10:48:03

Expectantmum - I think you are definitely doing the right think to ask these questions. I wished I had asked some what might be seen as obvious questions before the birth of dd would have saved loads of angst. I agree some things aren't covered in books - and mumsnetters give fab advice. I learn loads.

Alderney Fri 11-Mar-05 14:16:32

Dear Expectant Mum

What I did was

Boil the water and put it in a lidded jug which I left out so the water would cool to room temp rather than fridge-temp

I measurred all the scoops of formula into a few of those "powder containers" - I have 1 3section one and 1 4section one - enough for a that when a bottle is needed I can just get a bottle from the steriliser, fill it up with room temp water and pour a "section" of formula from the powder container rather than having to measure it out at the time....

Fresh, room temp formuila. I stopped heating up bottles at about 8 months and she has had them at room temp with no problems ever since.

Hope this helps


mears Fri 11-Mar-05 14:41:24

Judd - out of interest, how do you sterilise the Coke bottle?

ionesmum Fri 11-Mar-05 14:55:54

I had to bottlefeed dd1 and used cartons - they are fab. I sterilised all my bottles and kept them in the fridge. Then I just opened a carton of milk at room temperature whenever she needed a feed. So for night feeds, you don't have to heat anything - my dd1 was quite happy with her feeds this cool - and you also have the advantage that for travelling you don't have to warm the milk either. Also for travelling. the milk stayes fresh until opened which is very reassuring when it's hot, even if you have a cool bag they only last for 4 hrs and you may want to be out for longer. The big disadvantage is the cost - I admit my parents used to buy a lot of cartons when they went to the supermarket.

I fully respect your decision to bottlefeed your baby, but I am breastfeeding dd2 and it is so much easier esp. in the night and for going out.

HappyMumof2 Fri 11-Mar-05 15:01:16

Message withdrawn

colditzmum Fri 11-Mar-05 15:02:10

I used to find those cartons impossible to open without scissors, it would go everywhere!

Surfermum Fri 11-Mar-05 15:03:47

I used to make the bottles up at the start of the day. I put the hot water into the bottles and added the powder then. When they'd cooled I'd pop them into the fridge and then use from there. I'd heat them up in a jug of hot water.

The milk doesn't have to be warmed though, they will drink it at room temperature - it's just I didn't realise that until must later on!

At night I had a bottle warmer in the bedroom. It was a Toys R Us one and had a cool box in which you put two bottles and a freezer block. It was great as I would fall out of bed when she woke, empty the little container of water into it, pop the bottle in and press a button. Didn't used it very much though as she slept through from 5 weeks .

The cool box/block was really useful for going out. I used to take that and a flask of hot water for warming the bottle. The ready made cartons are really good for emergencies. I'd always carry one and a sterilised bottle around with me so that we didn't have to rush back home just because dd needed a feed.

I had enough bottles to have some in use and some in sterilising. Each morning I made up the sterilised ones and put the used ones in to sterilise. I washed the bottles and bits in the dishwasher, and just left them in the steriliser until the next morning. Once you get into a routine with it it's really very easy and takes no time at all.

HappyMumof2 Fri 11-Mar-05 15:05:03

Message withdrawn

ionesmum Fri 11-Mar-05 15:06:59

I did carry scissors for the cartons, I sterilised thenm in hot water and then wrapped them in clingfilm. As for spilling, when you've done hundreds of the bloody things you get the knack...

Surfermum Fri 11-Mar-05 15:07:20

Agree! The emergency "let mummy and daddy have one more drink in the pub kit" included her nail scissors!

scampadoodle Fri 11-Mar-05 15:21:06

Those Avent 3-portion powder dispensers have to be one of the most useful products ever. Didn't have one for ds1 but with ds2 it's been invaluable. Recommended.

Also, regards heating the milk in the microwave: if I've done so, I always give it a really good shake afterwards to disperse any hot spots.

Expectantmum Fri 11-Mar-05 15:45:34

Some excellent ideas there, thanks ladies. Its silly to think about silly things like this but am definitely glad I asked, better to be safe than sorry! I love this website, its so helpful and so reassuring....... and also so addictive!!!

Good weekend ladies - I plan to do absolutely nothing!!

kama Fri 11-Mar-05 16:10:05

Message withdrawn

suedonim Fri 11-Mar-05 16:31:46

The European Food Standards Agency recommends that you use ready-made formula for the first four weeks, due to the risk of bacterial contamination of milk powder. Thereafter, feeds should be made with water at 70degC (presumably after boiling?). I don't know if this is general advice in the UK, though. More about it at Baby Milk Action - it's down the page a little.

Hazellnut Fri 11-Mar-05 18:11:27

ooh I have another tip for emergency moments - I have just bought some one use disposable bottles which come individually wrapped so no need for sterilising.... useful to keep to hand with a little carton (they are recyclable too !). Mind you I was feeling pretty smug about having bought these only to find out I have bought 3 months plus and dd is 6 weeks !! oh well she'll grow into them !!

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 11-Mar-05 18:12:44

They're recommending that babies are fed the ready-made stuff for the first month now because of enterobactor in the powder (sp?).

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 11-Mar-05 18:13:10

Note to self: read the thread before posting...

Sorry suedonim!

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