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Aitch, just wondering how the feeding is going?

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Bumperlicious Sat 01-Nov-08 21:19:37

Was just thinking about you the other day. Hope you have managed to continue bfing for as long as you wanted.

I've just stopped with DD forced to really as DH has been forced to leave his job and I am having to work FT. I just couldn't keep it up as she was mainly feeding in the morning.

Anyway, hope you are all doing ok, DD1, too.

Flightattendant4 Sun 02-Nov-08 13:06:38

I was wondering this too, hope little Aitch is doing well.

Bumper - it must have been v hard to stop, does she take a bottle or anything? I am struggling with ds2 at the moment.

Bumperlicious Sun 02-Nov-08 18:50:24

Fortunately she has taken a bottle from a young age. Lord knows how I'm ever going to wean her off them! I was hoping that I was one of those people that retained weight while bfing that would drop off when I stopped. Still hoping...grin

Are you trying to wean DS2?

Flightattendant4 Sun 02-Nov-08 19:02:39

Oh golly, I am so envy! Ds1 took bottle at 16 months and it was a life saver. Mind you he still has it and is 5 blush There's nobody to get ds2 to sleep apart from me and he won't taker it from me at all, I feel torn to ribbons, am so tired!!

I'm really sorry you're having to do it against your will, that's horrid.

<where is Aitch then?> grin

Bumperlicious Sun 02-Nov-08 20:43:24

Oh flight, that's a real PITA, no advice I am afraid, but I know my friend is going through the same thing with her LO a couple of months younger than ours as she is going to have to go away with work. The first night was fine apparently, but the second night she (her DD) knew something was up and started to panic and took hours to get to sleep. She was better after a couple of days but then only wanted to be put to bed by her dad. She doesn't take a bottle either but has lots of yoghurts etc. during the day.

Will he drink from a sippy cup? DD will though won't take milk from it, which bizarrely is apparently quite common.

Anyway, where is aitch, how hard can it be with a toddler and a newborn? surely she's got loads of time to Mnet grin!

Flightattendant4 Sun 02-Nov-08 20:48:00

Thankyou for the ideas Bumper smile

Yes, he has a sippy cup - or a sports cap bottle, or anything other than a real bottle which I suspect he sees as a replacement for you-know-what!

But try getting a sippy cup to work as a sleep aid is not easy grin

He doesn't like milk either - mind you it isn;t really meant for babies is it. I might try the hot chocolate again at this rate, am slightly desperate...

Aitch is missing our little party, lol!!!

Bumperlicious Sun 02-Nov-08 20:58:36

What about milk with cinnamon or honey, yuck IMO but he might like it? I think DD's milk is less a sleeping aid now than it used to be. She used to lay on the sofa or on our laps to drink it, but in the last few weeks she has started to wonder around with the bottle and go back to getting her toys out hmm, it's more just to fill her up before bed really. What does DS drink (apart from breast milk)? Would a warm water/diluted juice and a biscuit (Organix No Junk one's natch wink) do the trick?

Flightattendant4 Sun 02-Nov-08 21:05:05

You never know...anything is worth a try!

That does actually sound quite nice. But I think he likes the comfort maybe rather than needing the calories. Bless your little one with her bottle!

I have to put the other one to bed now (he is eating a custard cream! Teeth, son! Now!!)

but will be back tomorrow...

night night smile

AitchTwoOh Sun 02-Nov-08 21:10:45

it's not good news, folks. sad

i'm still hanging in there but dd2 didn't put on much weight last week and she's still not latching on without tremendous faff. we are both getting frustrated by it.

i'm praying it's not some sort of refux. she's being treated for thrush ut really she didnt have many symptoms...

Flightattendant4 Mon 03-Nov-08 05:59:49

Oh Aitch, sweetheart sad
Sorry to miss you by a whisker last night - I had about 300 nametapes to sew in!

I'm really sorry she isn't having a great time of it and you must be exhausted. I hope things improve soon. You have done really massively well to get this far I think xx

sunhappy Mon 03-Nov-08 06:14:51

My son has the noddy pedal car! he got it for xmas from his nanna when he was 19 months old, he still loves it now at 5!
But we wernt paying for it, lol

sunhappy Mon 03-Nov-08 06:15:43

Opps sorry clicked on wrong thread blush

Bumperlicious Mon 03-Nov-08 19:26:11

Oh aitch, that's a real PITA. I don't have any advice for feeding a preemie, but I'm thinking of you both and hoping for the best.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 03-Nov-08 19:29:37

It is good news Aitch cos you're still hanging on in there.

DS was seriously faffing at the breast. Then about 2 weeks later he developed white spots on his tongue. It was only until I saw the white spots did I know that he had thrush - hence the faffing. Four days into Nystatin he has stopped faffing so much.

I hope things improve for you.

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