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Where's the wind coming from?

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FenLondon Sat 01-Nov-08 21:14:21

At just over 3months, dd has suddenly developed a habit of waking an hour or so after her early evening feed with bad wind, and then being inconsolibly windy during her 11pm. She gets breast and expressed milk in a bottle at the early evening feed, and all from a bottle at 11pm. No big changes in my diet, anyone any similar experience (if only to offer light at the end of the tunnel??).
Up until now she's been very good at staying asleep from around 7:15pm till we get her up at 11. It's disheartening, worry that I've done something to cause it somehow.

madmouse Sat 01-Nov-08 21:53:14

if you have not changed her feeding routine (always done the bottle thing?) it is just one of those things. her system is still maturing.

FenLondon Sun 02-Nov-08 10:01:39

Thanks Madmouse. We started using the bottle in the early evening about four weeks ago, as that feed was taking a couple of hours - she was tired, falling asleep then waking as soon as I put her down because she was still hungry. I now try and feed her for 30 mins or so and then get her to have a few ounces from the bottle. I'm hoping that it's down to vaccinations and a tummy bug that's been doing the rounds of the mums in my group, as you say, maybe just One Of Those Things.

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