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Any stories of breastfeeding after a breast reduction?

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LittleBok Wed 29-Oct-08 12:58:50

I am still pregnant (21 weeks) but being put slightly under pressure by GP and midwife about feeding and although I'd love to say I am going to breastfeed, I'm not sure I can following a reduction five years ago. I just wondered if anyone had any stories of trying themselves. I guess my obvious question is will I know beforehand or not until the day arrives! I'm guessing the best advice is have a bottle at hand as back up.

Goldiewithabump Wed 29-Oct-08 16:57:11


I had a breast reduction 6 years ago and am now breast feedung my 5 week old. You will not know until the baby is born, I had no signs. Ended up with a c section and in the recovery room, colustum started leaking. We have had a bumpy start due to him not latching on but I guess that can happen to anyone. Would take bottles and those cartons of ready made formula to hospital just in case, but if you have milk DEMAND help a the hospital and make sure you have got it sorted before you leave.

What I will say to look out for 'white nipple'. It is where the baby sucks and stops the blood supply to the nipple which can damage them so they crack. Again can happen to anyone but more likely for those who have had breast surgery. You will know if you have it as your nipple goes bright white and it hurts!!!!!

Hope that is of some help. Of to feed him now....

worzelgummidge Thu 30-Oct-08 00:29:43

I haven't had a reduction (yet, was advised to wait until my family was complete, as breasts can increase in size during pregnancy, and then you are back where you started! LOL), but have had breast surgery on one side. The nipple was totally removed and then re-attached, among other things, while in my teens.
I have had no issues at all with breastfeeding, and have come across a couple of people who fed successfully after reductions.


worzelgummidge Thu 30-Oct-08 00:32:50

Also wanted to add that just because there may be no outward sign of any milk after delivery doesn't mean it isn't there. I would def. persevere.
Great that the pp got colostrum leaking and so knew it was there, but that isn't always the case. I have never had any obvious signs of colostrum, just absolute faith it was there.

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