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8wk old DD got a cold not feeding - what to do?

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oopsacoconut Wed 29-Oct-08 12:21:37

My DD is 8 weeks and has her first cold - she has is not interested in feeding - I do offer frequently. When she does have a big feed she promptly vomits it straight back at me! Doc says not to worry it will pass and she will be fine as she will keep some milk down. BUT my breasts are very full and never being emptied as she won't feed - will my milk diminish? I don't want to lose my very abundant supply? Gotta go she just returned her last feed to me sad.

Any advice appreciated thanks.

needahand Wed 29-Oct-08 17:17:53

Couldn't you express and freeze if she won't feed. Might be handy if you want to have a night off and sleep. No point trying to feed her if she vomits her feed.

MegBusset Wed 29-Oct-08 17:28:11

I should think as long as you keep offering frequently then your supply will be fine, as soon as she's feeling better she can build up your supply again by nursing more. But I suppose no harm in expressing if your boobs are uncomfortably full.

Also I disagree with "no point trying to feed her if she vomits her feed". AFAIK they digest BM so quickly that even if she vomits the feed up some of it will have been digested.

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