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should i not let vomiting baby bf?

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alittleteapot Tue 28-Oct-08 01:42:21

dd 16 mo was sick about 15 times between 7 and 11 tonight and not keeping anything down. her habit is to feed back to sleep when waking but should i try and fast her till morning to give her tummy a rest?

alittleteapot Tue 28-Oct-08 01:50:02

anyone about?

RoseOfTheOrient Tue 28-Oct-08 02:01:37

poor little thing! no, you should keep on breastfeeding, as it will give her much-needed hydration and your breastmilk will start making antibodies to whatever virus she has, and will act a bit like a medicine. Dehydration is the big problem with vomitting, and my DCs always hated drinking water when they were that age. Breastfeeding will also help to comfort her.
Have lots of towels at the ready in case she is sick again.
Take care, as at this age, babies can go downhill rapidly if they get dehydrated.
You are doing fine - hope she gets better soon!smile

Jacksmama Tue 28-Oct-08 04:24:00

Agree - breast-feed her if she wants it. Best hydration, better than Pedialyte or anything else.

alittleteapot Tue 28-Oct-08 08:21:40

thanks, that's what i did - she seemed to know what she needed. and she seems much better this morning.needless to say i have a number of washloads ahead of me!

we'd been to a and e as there was a poss it was related to a bump on the head earlier (turned out not - phew) and the doc and nurse were inconclusive to say the least about their advice on bf. my instinct was to keep going if she was asking, dp felt she should fast awhile.

Anyway, thanks for your midnight advice smile

ElviraInanEcup Tue 28-Oct-08 08:37:17

Message withdrawn

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