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Help with Lindam Steam Steriliser needed

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Lorralaffs Wed 09-Mar-05 16:17:47

Hi, I have a Lindam Steam Steriliser but no instructions. What volume of water is needed per cycle?

chipmonkey Wed 09-Mar-05 16:38:48


Lorralaffs Wed 09-Mar-05 18:23:20

Nice one Chipmonkey. Thanks!
Daughter is 2 months old. Bought steriliser when 4 yr old was born and the measuring cup seems to be lost! Got a party on Sun and fancy a wee swallie so we need to try and get the little lady taking a bottle.
And if she takes a bottle... so can I...of Smirnoff Ice. Yee hah!

ginnye Thu 10-Mar-05 11:11:04

i rang up lindam - the number was on my sterilizer - and they sent me new instructions even though i bought it off ebay

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