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BF baby has "forgotten"; how to take bottles, any advice?

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AuntyViCtimoftheZombies Sun 26-Oct-08 23:25:48

Hi there,
Our DS (10 months) has been almost exclusively BF, but at about 4 months we taught him to take a bottle so that DH or grandparents could do occasional feeds (usually expressed milk though he would also take formula if we didn't have any EBM available). We tried to make sure he had a bottle at least once a week so he wouldn't lose the habit. But recently due to holidays and other things, we went over a month without giving him a bottle, and now when we try it he's not interested. He either just plays with it, or gets upset if we try too hard to persuade him (he barely even puts it in his mouth, let alone drink any). As he now drinks from a Tommy Tippee cup at mealtimes (with water) we've tried that as well, but he won't take milk feeds from that so far either. He seems to be determined he only wants boob, and when he refuses the bottle DH usually ends up persuading me to "just feed him" to stop him shouting, which probably doesn't help in the long run as it doesn't give him much incentive to try anything else! Anyone got any good advice for getting him back onto bottle or cup? Thank you!

Mij Mon 27-Oct-08 10:52:01

Try when you're not available? I've come across few BF babies who wouldn't rather have the breast over a bottle if given the option! You could try sending your DH off with a bottle, a spouted cup and perhaps an open cup too, and let them work it out themselves!? It worked for us and with minimal distress all round - I'm not a fan of requiring babies to tough anything out so I wouldn't suggest it if it had been really hard.


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