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Gaviscon plus Staydown? Please tell me it's not so bad...

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TitianTigerCub Sun 26-Oct-08 21:16:55

Help, I like so many new mums, am at my wits end. My 9 week old son has suffered from reflux since 3 weeks. We have had to wait this long to finally get prescribed Gaviscon as we were told to change milk (from SMA Gold to SMA Staydown), then to try changing bottles (from Avent to Dr. Browns) and all the usual stuff about keeping him upright when feeding and his moses basket at a 30degree angle etc. Anyway, the GP finally agreed to prescribe Gaviscon 10 days ago and told me I could mix it with his Staydown milk. I did this and things improved greatly.
However, I then saw another GP when I took bubba for his immunisations a week later who said No, you can't mix Gaviscon with any of the milks which contain thickening agents. I rang the first GP and asked her to clarify and after seeking clarification, she called back and said 'Sorry, no you need to go back to 'normal' formula + Gaviscon' otherwise it is too difficult for baby to digest.
So I have done this since Friday morning and my poor boy has since been in agony. He sicks up about 5-6 times between each feed and kicks, arches, screams in pain . My problem is this, during the time that I unknowingly gave him the Gaviscon with SMA Staydown it worked wonders. He was sick once or twice per day (as opposed to 15-20 times) and didn't seem to be in any discomfort - no problem with poos either, didn't appear to have problems digesting it to me?
I REALLY want to go back to giving him the Staydown milk with Gaviscon as the thicker milk seems to make such a difference and the normal SMA Gold seems so watery.
Has anyone had similar experience and does anyone know why it's not good to mix Gaviscon with the 'thicker' milks? Do you think I need to give it longer than 3 days for baby to adjust to a change in milk? Perhaps after a week he will settle with SMA Gold + Gaviscon...?

gothicmama Sun 26-Oct-08 21:22:20

titan tiger cub i have done some research on this as dc2 has reflux you can give them SMA gold plus gaviscon plus caraboo powder (made by cow and gate) together - caraboo powder is carob based and acts as a thickener. I hate the screaming and the arches

foxinsocks Sun 26-Oct-08 21:22:25

I don't know tbh. But I think you're right about the chopping and changing of milks.

I also think you must not try and do this all on your own. I had 2 babies with reflux so I remember what it feels like in your position. You absolutely do not have to face this on your own and if, after a few more days, he is no better on gaviscon + SMA, I would go back and ask for more help. There are other medications that can do a better job. Every baby is different and different ones seem to work for different babies.

TitianTigerCub Sun 26-Oct-08 21:29:24

thank you both - I'm new on here, can you explain what the DC2 and other abbreviations I've read in posts mean?!
i'm just finding it hard at the moment because my husband is working away for 2 weeks so i'm all alone at the mo and would normally bounce ideas off him!

madmouse Sun 26-Oct-08 21:54:07

hello welcome smile

if you scroll up a little you will see useful stuf: acronym list, which explains a lot of abbreviations people use on here.

dc2 means second child (dear child), you can also say ds for dear son and dd for dear daughter if you prefer to specify the sex

you will soon get the hang of it smile

sorry if i am being ignorant here (have not personaly encountered reflux) but have you tried sma staydown without gaviscon? Maybe it is the milk that works so well? Just a touht and probably wrong...

likessleep Sun 26-Oct-08 22:38:49

agree with foxinsocks - there are various reflux meds. it is worth going back if you are finding what you have isn't working.
my ds was on combination of gaviscon and ranitidine, the latter reduced the screaming and pain levels.
see your doctor again if you are finding what you have isn't working.
good luck.

firsttimemama Sun 26-Oct-08 23:03:18

My DD had reflux too and I found SMA milk made the problem worse - I switched to Cow and Gate and used gavison and the situation impoved. Cow and Gate is very watery in comparison and I did wonder how it could have the same nutritional value as the thicker SMA but it does and the less heavier milk suited my DD better. She had gavison fom about 14 wks to six months old.

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