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20 week old has first tooth and is biting :(

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littlelamb Sun 26-Oct-08 21:04:43

Ds is a big boy for 20 weeks and we have had no major problems so far. He got his first tooth on Friday, at the front on the lower gum and he has been biting It's not deliberate, its more that when he sucks he also likes to look around and if he gets distracted he clamps on hard and kind of yanks me in the direction he is looking hmm. I really don't want to stop but it is getting painful and I am afraid that he is really going to hurt me, so what do I do? I didn't have this problem with dd, and I fed her for 10 months, by which time she had a lot of teeth.

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Sun 26-Oct-08 21:21:03

take him off everytime with no eye contact, put your breast away. He will soon realise that everytime he bites his food gets interrupted. You could try a firm "no", but not too loudly in case it frightens him and then he could associate it with feeding rather than biting IYKWIM.

It's a phase and it will pass. My DS is 25wks tomorrow and got his first tooth yesterday, he's doing pretty much the same and so did DS1 when he was this age.

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