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Would you go cold turkey?

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lollyheart Sun 26-Oct-08 20:29:14

Ds is 7 weeks old and is mix fed, i would love to ebf,at the moment i am putting ds to the breast before each bottle feed,he has 10 min ish on each boob then he gets angry and wants his bottle of 4ozs of formula he drinks all of it.
Is it pos to go cold turkey and just bf the thing is we had problems with bf so i dont think my milk supply is good, i am taking domperidone.
would my milk supply increase the more he feeds?
Also i dont feel the let down or leak milk is this a sign that i dont have much milk?
I cant seem to express more than a oz before the milk stops coming out does this mean it has ran out? sorry for all the dumb questions but i am finding hard to understand how bf worksblushsad

lulumama Sun 26-Oct-08 20:33:14

the more your baby goes to the breast and removes milk from the breast himself, the more your supply will be boosted

early mixed feeding very often sabotages breastfeeding, by reducing supply

expressing is not an accurate way to guage how much milk you are making, nothing is as efficient at extracting milk from the breast as your baby

breast feeding is supply and demand, anything that interferes with that demand will reduce supply

best thing to do is feed, lots of skin to skin as much and for as long as your baby wants to

i thikn it is best to reduce top ups gradually though, am sure someone better informed than me can tell you!

also, try getting in touch with a BFC near you, via the NCT, LLL or ABM numbers on this website

you cannot empty your breasts, you do not run out of milk, it is always being made, but you need to stimulate the breast to make enough ,by your baby feeding lots

lollyheart Sun 26-Oct-08 20:44:10

Thanks lulumama

I have been seeing a great bfc but i have not seen her for a while, i was happy with the way things are, we are both really starting to enjoy bf thats why i would love to ebf.
i wont be able to see her untill after half term now.

lulumama Sun 26-Oct-08 20:45:44

can you take to bed for a babymoon for a few days? jsut feed and be close to your baby?

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 26-Oct-08 22:01:10

don't go cold turkey. i've cut down the ffs, (in very similar position to you) by half and as such ds put on no weight in 9 days. have realised i need to bf more - not only on demand so i'm not exactly babymooning but bfing as much as he will feed, not only when he asks. if you go cold turkey your bub will likely lose weight which will worry everyone. the way to build up supply is to feed like crazy - but reduce the ffs gradually.

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