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What size BF bra should I get?

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Doozie Sun 26-Oct-08 19:40:04

Hi BF mums,

Please help! I have so many questions for you when it comes to buying BF bras...

What was the difference in your bra size before and after your milk came in?

I need to invest in a few BF bras, but because of my location I will be relying on mail order, so maybe ordering a little earlier than one would normally.

I'm 36 wks and during this pregnancy I've gone through four bra sizes. Starting at a 30F and am now at a 36G! shock {Tell me they can't get any bigger?!!!}

Did your back size return to your original size, but your cup size go up?

Once you start BF do you stay that size or does it change with the demand on your milk?

Post birth I expect my ribs will go back into their rightful place, but maybe not straight back to 30 inches, but should I anticipate going up one, two or more cup sizes?!

Being well endowed in the first place I think I will be struggling to find a bra that fits, I haven't seen anyone selling anything bigger than a G cup. Thankfully I see someone has recommended a nursing bra conversion kit that will be my fall back.

Finally, is anyone using underwire nursing bras and if so, how do you find them? Have you had any milk flow problems?

Many thanks for your expertise!


mamijacacalys Sun 26-Oct-08 19:51:22

Am normally a 38E.

Went up to a 38J during bf both of mine. Found J cups on ebay by the way!!

So I went up 4 or 5 cup sizes.

Did not use underwired bras when pg or bf - can't remember why, but I'm sure there is a good reason and maybe someone will come along soon who knows why.

bf DD until she was 20 months. I think the 'peak' grin size was around 4-5 months when milk production is at its greatest. Towards the end, we were down to 1 or 2 feeds at night only and my boobs had gone back to a 38E more or less as I was back in my 'normal' bras rather than the nursing ones.

HTH and good luck! smile

MurderousMarla Sun 26-Oct-08 19:55:41

I think I'd buy something stretchy at this stage and wait until your baby is about 6 weeks before being measured properly.

You can get underwired bras, made by Anita, look on Figleaves - I started wearing these a few months in, so long as they fit well they are not a problem.

Rainbowsend Sun 26-Oct-08 20:02:55

I am currently a 38G blush and was measured and bought a nursing bra in preparation...

size 36 K (FFS) didn't even know they did them up to that freakin size shock

Got my bra from John Lewis upon the recommendation of Bravissimo, who didn't have my size in stock (surprisingly)

Tangle Sun 26-Oct-08 22:39:09

I was a 32F pre-pregnancy, got fitted around my due date as about a 34F and I think I wound up in a 36G when my milk came in. That fitted pretty well until DD was about 12 months and was really getting into food - she's now 18 months and still BF, but I think I'm (finally) back to about a 32F.

I was dubious about the fit of the 34F but stressing about having nothing at all - when I got home I looked around and ordered about a dozen bras from Figleaves (in a range of sizes from each style). They give you 14 days for returns so I waited till my milk came in and kept the 2 that fitted.

Emma-Jane, Royce and Anita/AnitaB all do larger cup sizes (I think some Royce styles go up to an L!)., and all stock larger sizes, though there are a limited number of styles.

Samantha28 Sun 26-Oct-08 22:48:09

i am breast feeding and am a 32J. I was 32DD before pregnancy. The only bf bra that fits me and gives reasonable support is a hideous one from Royce which i buy from Bravissimo. i haven't changed size much since the first few weeks after my baby was born

FrankAwenstein Sun 26-Oct-08 22:50:55

Underwired are ok as long as they fit properly. There are Anita bfeeding bras avaialbe. Blooming marvellous stock them. Re the size, everyone is different. John Lewis are very good at measuring. I used underwired by the way and am ok but you really have to make sure they are a good fit. They unfortunatley dont do my current size in uw.

Pre ds1 i was 34dd, went up to 34G. Never went back. Now ds2 I am 34J.

Doozie Fri 31-Oct-08 16:14:07

Hi Everyone,

Many thanks for your replies, for the advice and links. This has been really helpful.



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