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Pink milk?!

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Rhian82 Sun 26-Oct-08 17:59:15

My 9-day-old DS is really struggling with latching on, so most feeds are done using expressed breast milk fed using a bottle cap. Over the last day though he has started latching, not every time but more often, so hopefully he'll get the hang of it more now and go over to it completely.

Anyway? I was expressing before and ended up with half a bottle of pink milk?! I assume my nipple was a bit cracked and some blood mixed with the milk, but my nipples haven't felt that sore?

What do more experienced people think? (this is our first baby and we're really inexperienced and new at everything!) And if he'd been latched on so we hadn't seen the milk, would it have been alright for him to drink?

scorpio1 Sun 26-Oct-08 18:00:30

sounds like it had a touch of blood from your nipple in it. plenty of woen have bleeding nipples, and the baby's never really notice

2manychips Sun 26-Oct-08 18:40:59

My dd actually vomited blood before I realised my nips were bleeding. Of course we panicked and rung the gp who was quick to reassure us.. Are you using Lasinoh on them?hope I spelt that right!

Rhian82 Wed 29-Oct-08 20:30:37


Hasn't happened again, so hopefully all okay. I used Lansinoh a couple of times, but now DS is latching on more often and I'm not having to express with a pump every three hours, my breasts seem happier!

callmeovercautious Wed 29-Oct-08 20:34:59

Sounds like things are improving smile Keep up the cream though - for a little while, I stopped, thinking it was OK then it suddenly got very bad again - not sure why - I think she suddenly worked it all out and started sucking harder grin

moonstone Sun 02-Nov-08 00:30:01

seeing blood in your milk is fine dont stop breast feeding.
air your nipples -fresh air is good & also rubb a little of your breast milk on your nipples & let dry naturally.

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