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4 month old, mixed fed, refusing a bottle

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thepurplestar Sun 26-Oct-08 15:29:47

DH has been mixed feeding for the last 3 months very successfully- he has 2 bottle formula feeds in the daytime, 1 dreamfeed of formula, and the rest has been breastfeeding on demand. We don't have an established routine, just the bedtime routine (that's another post in itself ), but things have been going fine until about 2 weeks ago. He's gone off his bottle. He's refusing to drink from it. The only time he does is for his dreamfeed when he's half asleep anyway.

DH has in the past when I am v tired done the night time feed for me if he wakes up- DH refuses this bottle too now, and won't stop screaming and crying until I come out and breastfeed him, which defeats the point of DH doing the night for me. He's also refusing to sleep after he's woken up for a nighttime feed, so I am now regularly up from 4am onwards. Any ideas, especially on the refusal of bottle? I know I can't up my milk supply any more, and would top up with more formula if he'd take it.

thepurplestar Sun 26-Oct-08 15:31:59

Sorry, I meant to start that with DS, not DH !

thepurplestar Sun 26-Oct-08 23:08:08

Just bumping this up, to see if anyone has some advice for me?

RottenOtter Sun 26-Oct-08 23:16:16

if i were you i would express milk and give him a few feeds of ebm in place of the formula and then gradually re introduce the formula

thepurplestar Mon 27-Oct-08 06:53:12

I don't get much out when expressing... I've had problems with low milk supply, as well as ds having a tongue tie which wasn't sorted out until he was 12 weeks old. I spent days and days pumpling trying to express, never got more than 1 oz at a time, whatever time of day I tried. I'm also taking More Milk Plus, but have been unable to increase the milk supply at all.

cmb7 Wed 29-Oct-08 09:16:27

My 4 month old started refusing to take a bottle, having had one of EBM (so it may not be what's in the bottle that is the problem...) nearly every day since birth. I have finally persuaded him by sitting him in my lap facing outwards, with TV on, or husband standing in front talking to me as a distraction, he will even take formula (for first time ever at 18 wks..!) like this. He also has it v warm. Maybe try giving him bottle in different location to where you normally bf , or if you ahvenayone else who could try hi with the bottle occasionaly; i know this is annoying/impractical during night, but might be worth a try. I was at my wits end, just kept trying every day at same feed, bf all other feeds...good luck

witchandchips Wed 29-Oct-08 09:31:11

They do drop feeds at this age and do become more effecient at feeding. Could it be that he is actually taking more bm and so is not that hungry/does not need so much formula? If he won't take the formula but is happy to drink from you AND you have enough then would you be happy to drop the formula completely?

CalE Thu 30-Oct-08 13:48:46

I'm also having probs with bottle refusal, and from reading lots of other posts, it seems to be a common problem! I think all these babies are secretly communicating with each other and conspring to prevent us mums from ever getting a break!!! How can such tiny beings be soooo stressful!!!! I'm pretty sure I've sussed out my DD, she's basically decided that now she's more aware (12wks), she likes the snuggly booby and hates the hard bottle. Problem is, i haven't found a solution yet. DH coming home from work today with assorted bottle paraphernali so we can try some alternatives, but i'm not hopeful of the outcome.

Am now dreading the evening, cos whereas DH used to do a bottle feed to spend some time with DD and I'd whip up some tea, instead we'll have an evening of wailing before i eventually give in and BF her.

CalE Thu 30-Oct-08 14:02:16

I meant 'paraphernalia' and 'conspiring'! My typing's shocking!!!

mrsduff Thu 30-Oct-08 16:47:33

I feel your pain - Im having terrible problems with bottle refusing too, and although I don't have any suggestions, I do feel loads better that Im not the only one going through this! Especially as my HV looked at me blankly when I explained the problem. It's so stressful, but will keep trying every night hoping my 13 week DD may learn to love it again! Maybe a doidy cup would do the trick?

CalE Thu 30-Oct-08 17:00:44

Yes, i keep hearing about the doidy cups, i googled it to see one as i didn't have a clue what they were! As an eternal pessimist i'm sure we're going to have to skip the bottle and go straight to cups at some point. I'm hopelessly impatient (something i know i'll have to get over now i'm a mum!)

As for HV, pah, am totally cynical about them (apologies if there are any reading this!). The ones i've come across seem to discourage doing anything that might make life a bit easier, as tho just because you're a mum you have to be a martyr!

mrsduff Thu 30-Oct-08 17:32:51

i just googled it too - and wasn't too sure how DD would get on with it. looks like a recipe for milk all over baby/me/sofa to be honest but i will try anything at this stage...
My mum's gleefully been telling me that i outright refused a bottle until I was 6months and went straight to a cup, so maybe this is mother natures payback?!

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