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how many ounce a feed at 3 weeks old?

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masonbaby Sun 26-Oct-08 13:18:34

My baby mason is 3 weeks old tomorrow. He weighed 8lb 4 at birth. This week he has gone up to drinking 5oz bottles, sometimes 6oz at a time. He goes exactly 3 hours inbetween a feed, throughout the night too. It seems such a lot, as my other two, both girls, werent taking that amount until 3 months old. Are boys generally hungrier?

MatNanPlus Sun 26-Oct-08 13:21:29

He is probably having a growth spurt, as long as he is happy and not being sick can't see what is wrong with it, yes it is on the high end but not wrong, next week he may start leaving more in the bottle.

masonbaby Sun 26-Oct-08 13:26:07

he is never sick, not even little possets, so i know he is not being overfed. Just a little worried he might carry on and be on 8 oz by 3 months or something!

Heated Sun 26-Oct-08 13:26:34

The amount is the same as my youngest so, to me, not excessive at all. All she did was wake to guzzle and back to sleep. I can't remember back to ds, but he was a poor feeder.

masonbaby Sun 26-Oct-08 13:29:15

my other two were not the best of feeders so i am counting my lucky stars really!

Heated Sun 26-Oct-08 13:29:37

Heck, ds when he did eventually get going could have 11 or 12oz a time! Just to warn you but hopefully also a sign that he might sooner, rather than later, sleep for longer smile

Romy7 Sun 26-Oct-08 13:36:39

ds1 was 8lb 6 at birth. By 11 weeks he was well over 16lbs and even the paed called him fatso... no idea how much he drank as he was bf, but just wanted to say, if he doesn't want it, he won't drink it.
i think dd1 happily and routinely downed 8 or 9oz at 3 months though, so not sure it is a boy thing... grin i do remember rhaivng to make sure i had two bottles ready as there was never any guarantee that an 8oz bottle would stop her screaming for more...

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