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Is this normal?

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Tipex Tue 08-Mar-05 20:40:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flamesparrow Tue 08-Mar-05 20:48:30

When mine were full and in pain I found expressing just a small amount helped soooo much but didn't make me produce too much more.

rickman Tue 08-Mar-05 20:51:44

Message withdrawn

kama Tue 08-Mar-05 20:51:54

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Tue 08-Mar-05 20:52:39

sometimes hand expressing (in the shower i found was best) was less likely to make production greater (does that make sense?) than using a pump

does your hv help with advice? if you had a good community mw im sure she would not mind a call from you for advice

chatee Tue 08-Mar-05 20:56:44

i know it sounds like an old wives tale but dark green cabbage leaves were brill for me for the first few weeks to relieve most discomfort....just leave one in the fridge and pull off leaves as and when needed

serah Tue 08-Mar-05 21:03:54

It doesn't sound like an old wives tale to me chatee... it really works! I inderstand that its savoy cabbage in particular that does the trick - slip a leaf in each bra cup - you get a lovely veined effect when you take em out!!!

Tipex Tue 08-Mar-05 21:45:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Tue 08-Mar-05 21:55:27

Tipex, you should see me when I wake in the mornig (8 months in). If you threw me into a river, I'd sink like a stone!!

chatee Tue 08-Mar-05 21:56:37

that's the ones serah but it's been a year since i was crying on the phone to dh at work and begging him to stop at a shop on his way home to get me a savoy mil thought i was mad

chatee Tue 08-Mar-05 21:57:35

ps: still b/f ds now and he was 1 at the end of feb.......hang in there tipex

moondog Tue 08-Mar-05 21:59:56

3 weeks in seems like a long time when that's where you're at IYSWIM, but I PROMISE you that in a month or so, you will look back and be amazed to think how NEW the whole thing was.
Keep at it my love. You've done the hardesr stint already.

flamesparrow Tue 08-Mar-05 22:02:00

I was sleeping with a towel in the bed cos I was just pouring all over the place in the night!!!! I seemed to produce enough milk to feed 5 babies not just one.

Does anyone know how to go about donating breastmilk? I would have gladly donated last time, but didn't know how... if I had the info beforehand next time, I could get it arranged

Tipex Tue 08-Mar-05 22:18:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tipex Tue 08-Mar-05 22:21:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pixiefish Tue 08-Mar-05 22:24:14

Can I just second what everyone's saying about it getting better- it odes honestly. You're doing really well, just remember that. It takes a while for your supply to settle. I used to sleep on a towel and always have a couple of muslin squares, one under the other boob when dd was feeding. it was always sopping wet after a feed at night. I always took 3 to bed with me, one for her sick, one for each boob.

moondog Wed 09-Mar-05 19:42:27

Bechod pixie!!!
That is the kind of thing that would freak out a pg mother!!
My friend was like that.
I never leaked a drop though....

2boysmum Wed 09-Mar-05 19:51:50

Leaking is not all bad, I used to sterilise breat cups and use them to catch the leaked milk. i could fill a bottle for freezing from one boob while he fed off the other. Better than expressing any day!

moondog Wed 09-Mar-05 19:53:48

2boysmum, I'm well jealous! [nvy]
Expressing is SUCH an effort for me!

Tipex Wed 09-Mar-05 21:52:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beatie Thu 10-Mar-05 11:11:25

Just as everyone else has said, express a little until you feel more comfortable.

I know it took me longer than 3 weeks to stop having those episodes of engorgement and I would have to coerce my dd to feed at times to relieve the pressure.
It doesn't go on for long and in a month or two you'll feel much more regulated.... if that is even the right word I ma looking for.

Tipex Fri 11-Mar-05 18:54:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cloudy Fri 11-Mar-05 19:02:18

Does he still have wet nappies? It can't come out if it's not going in.

Tipex Fri 11-Mar-05 19:06:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 11-Mar-05 19:17:39

It's growth spurts, I reckon Tipex - as they get bigger they need more milk so they suck and suck one day so there's enough the next day (breastfeeding works on demand and supply - baby demands, you supply - much like everything else to do with child-rearing!!). You probably know this, so sorry if I sound patronising

It will all settle down - I used to leak like anything in the early weeks, but haven't worn a breastpad since DS was about four months old (and for about the last month it was just because I was worried I'd embarrass myself with huge wet patches on my front, but I probably wouldn't have done!).

If you're sore, try calling a breastfeeding counsellor to come and check your positioning - and going four hours might suit your baby at this age, but lots need feeding more often - perhaps try feeding him after three hours and see if your supply is a bit more constant like that?

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